Basajjabalaba Pins Kayihura, Lukwago  On Sh19bn City Abattoir Collections

Hassan Bassajjabalaba has been sued by tycoon Godfrey Kirumira

City tycoon Hassan Basajjabalaba of the Basajjabalaba Hides and Skins Limited (BSH) has accused the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Kampala Lord Mayor, visit this Erias Lukwago for embezzling a sum of Sh19bn as collections from the city abattoir.

Appearing before the Presidential Affairs Committee on Wednesday to answer to queries rising from the management of the City Abattoir, Basajjabalaba alleged the IGP and the Lord Mayor have failed Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) from making collections despite a court order to that effect.

“This is a lot of money because we are taking about Sh300m per day which Sh3.6billion in a year and in the 6 years that we haven’t been there, they have so far collected Sh19bn and I believe three people are responsible for this money. These include the lord mayor, the IGP and those collecting the money (City Abattoir Traders Development Association),” Basajjabalaba told the committee.

“These may have been the ones who have failed KCCA to take over; the issue here is money and they are hiding in politics,”

Basajjabalaba accuses Kayihura of providing security to the illegal money collectors and Lukwago of ushering in the group.

“Kayihura has been packing a police pickups at the abattoir facing the city, not allowing anybody to enter but offers security to them; the money collected isn’t taxed and doesn’t reach government coffers” Basajjabalaba said.

“Let us not waste time here, let Kayihura, Erias Lukwago and the people collecting money tell us where the Sh19bn is which has been collected for the last 6 years; this money should even be higher because after chasing us, they increased collections from Sh8000 to now Sh15, 000 per cow.”

The committee chaired by Susan Amero of Amuria County resolved to meet Lukwago and the IGP to have their side of the story before meeting KCCA over the same issue.


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