Bad Weather Forces Villa,Express Derby off; Fan Violence Still a Thorn

Nakivubo was too flooded for the Derby

Softbox, order a tech company based in Uganda in partnership with a series of accredited primary schools and educational organizations has officially launched a mobile phone application called MyLib created and built to empower children through entertaining learning.

MyLib is a mobile phone application that can be downloaded from application stores on android or iOS mobile devices.

“Simply explained the app is a digital compilation of Uganda classroom curriculum notes made exciting with animation, and illustrations, viagra dosage voice over’s and simple easy to read sentences.” Andy Mugerwa the Chief Operations Officer of Softbox said.

He explained that the MyLib project has been going on for the last four years in closed doors but is now readily available for everyone else.

Mugerwa said that the app is targeted at all stake holders in the primary sector.

This includes the children, parents and teachers with the content attained from various teachers from key recognized primary schools in Uganda.

Mugerwa explained that MyLib doesn’t intend to do away with classroom lessons but will work hand in hand with teachers to ensure that their pupils effectively and practically understand what they are being taught in class.

“MyLib is the right motivator for this dotcom era of pupils who spend several hours a day on the phone. Rather than play games entirely on phones, MyLib enables children revise and study classroom notes in a fun enjoyable way.” Mugerwa divulged.

He noted that most e-learning apps available in Uganda are targeted to adults or people seeking higher education. MyLib fills the e-learning gap for primary school children.

He explained that currently MyLib application is free on all app stores, however it has in app purchases that are still free for the first 5,000 customers.

“Right now MyLib has integrated sciences for primary school children because in Uganda surveys indicate that sciences are the worst done subjects. Subjects in intergrated science currently available on MyLib include studies on Major body organs such as the eye, teeth, heart among others,” Mugerwa said adding that Mathematics, Social studies, English and other subject content are in the pipeline.

On the motivation to develop the app, Mugerwa explained that he was a heavily visual student who relied on illustrations and images to understand classroom work.
The highly anticipated Azam Uganda Premier League game between Sports Club Villa and Express Fc has been called off due to soggy playing turf at the War Memorial stadium, web Nakivubo.

The pitch was half flooded after a heavy forty minutes downpour that ended just before 3PM, which was an hour to the game. The stadium management hired a medium water tanker to pump the water away from the pitch but the efforts were not on time to allow the game to commence.

“We have agreed with the involved parties (the captains in particular) to call the off game. The pitch is not in the best conditions as you can see,” the center referee assigned to run the game, Mr. Brian Nsubuga said.

Fan Trouble.
Like it is the ‘norm’ specifically in matches involving the two sides, the fans engaged each other in ugly incidents, pelting stones and objects at each other for over twenty minutes while the security officers gathered for ‘safety’ close to the VIP wing.

Both the home team, organizers and the stadium security persons cared less about the safety of the fans allowing both sets to sit in the same pavilion.

The rescheduled date for the tie will be decided later by the league management.


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