Australian Woman’s Body Stranded in Mbale Mortuary

Bronwyn Fielding died late June in Mbale
Bronwyn Fielding died late June in Mbale

The family of a 37 year old Australian social worker, who died mysteriously in Mbale late last month, are devastated they can’t have the body returned home.

Bronwyn Fielding died late June, of what medics ruled as a lung condition and her body is still being kept at Mbale Hospital.

Her family says too much red tape, lack of information and resources have failed their efforts to have the body repatriated.

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Bronwyn Fielding and her husband Michael Osago

Bronwyn Fielding and her husband Michael Osago

Her mother, Lynn Fielding, from Morayfield in Brisbane, told Australian media she was heartbroken.

“I know she’s still in the morgue. I feel it’s absolutely dreadful,” she said.

Although the post-mortem deduced that Ms Fielding succumbed to Pulmonary Embolism, her family believes there were other factors and want more tests conducted back home.

The deceased, they say, had told them some time back that she feared she could be poisoned.

She had apparently had a run-in with one of her colleagues she was working with at a local charity organization.

She reported this colleague to police in 2011 and he was arrested.

Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye said after her death, they arrested her husband, one Michael Osago, and questioned him but found that he played no part in the death.

The deceased had three children, all of who she left in Australia.

Her mother says they have been making efforts to get funds to transport the body back home.

They set up a social media page to raise money.

Fielding’s uncle Mr David Pagey said they asked a funeral home in Uganda to cremate the body and send the ashes to Australia and they were asked $4156.

“As a family what we would like to see happen is Bronwyn is cremated so we can bring her ashes back to Australia so her three children have somewhere where they can lay their mum to rest,” Mr Pagey said.


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