AUPL: Sadolin Piles More Misery on Saints

State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, link Evelyn Anite, buy has warned Dr Kizza Besigye against what she described as “unwarranted acts of intimidation, look ” saying the FDC Presidential candidate should not expect to score above 10 percent in West Nile during the 2016 presidential elections.

Anite was responding to Besigye’s threats of “consequences in future” should she continue harassing his supporters.

“If people like Amama Mbabazi are running away from Museveni and NRM who is this girl called Anite?” wondered Besigye as he addressed crowds at Obachi grounds in Koboko town on Monday.

“I have been told that she has been moving around town intimidating and harassing our people. Such people should be careful.”

In response, Anite said she simply “did my ground work and mobilised people to support President Museveni. People just don’t like Besigye. He should concede that we are better mobilisers,” said Anite.

In an exclusive interview with ChimpReports on Wednesday, Anite wondered how “a young girl as Besigye described me can intimidate men. The people are just tired of Besigye’s lies.”

It is understood that Besigye did not pull mammoth crowds as his strategists expected. In Maracha, the situation worsened with the FDC strongman addressing rallies of less than 100 people.

Besigye was informed that Anite had bribed local leaders to mobilise people not to turn up at his rallies.


Observers say Besigye is finding Northern Uganda a much more difficult terrain compared to 2001 and 2006 when the people were frustrated by government’s failure to completely end the war and initiate recovery programmes.

During the 2006 elections, Besigye performed superbly in Lango, Teso and Acholi sub-regions – defeating Museveni with over 70 percent.

However, there was a significant shift of loyalty in 2011 with Museveni winning in 17 out of 20 districts which acted as Besigye’s fortress in Northern Uganda. This was after the defeat of rebel LRA movement and its leader, Joseph Kony.

In the 2011 elections, Museveni’s votes increased to 5.4 million from 4 million in 2006.

This implied an increase of 1.3 million votes – most of which were derived from northern Uganda.

Yet, Besigye’s national vote tally tumbled from 2,592,954 in 2006 to 2,064,963 votes in 2011, representing a loss of 527,991 votes.

Museveni emerged victorious in 107 out of 112 districts with Besigye only managing to win in the four districts of Soroti, Serere, Kaberamaido and Kampala.

Anite speaks out

Anite hit the national limelight when she knelt before the NRM caucus to move a motion to endorse president Museveni as the party’s “sole candidate” in the 2016 elections.

The motion caught many by surprise including then powerful NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi who was quietly nursing presidential ambitions.

Since then, Anite has been clandestinely mobilising for president Museveni.

She told this website that “I see Besigye getting less than 10 percent from Northern Uganda. The things he used to decampaign Museveni such as insecurity, bad roads and lack of access to energy have been addressed. The road from Arua to Koboko via Maracha to Oreba has been tarmacked. All our districts are connected to electricity – so what message will Besigye sell?”

Anite added: “The women and elderly can’t support Besigye because there are entrepreneurship programmes which have economically empowered them. The youth are benefitting from Youth Livelihood Programme.  The ground is harder for him than ever before.”

Reminded that even Mbabazi who was close to Museveni chose to jump off the NRM ship, Anite responded: “Besigye’s threats don’t worry me. I have reasons why I support NRM. The likes of Mbabazi were undisciplined. They left Museveni – he did not leave them. He even gave them chances to return to the party but they refused to take the offer.”
Despite boasting of one of the best coaches in the league, more about The Saints FC close the first leg of the season in a rather unpleasant 15th place after conceding another narrow 1-0 loss to Sadolin Paints in match that was played at the Fufa technical center in Njeru.

Andrew Basooma scored the priceless goal for the painters late in the second half of the game. The first half ended barren but Saints top striker Alex ‘Benzema’ Kitata will have himself to blame for failing to convert a first minute open chance.

“That sums up our miserable first round in the league. An inquest follows then we plan for round two, stomach ” the Saints announced on their official social media pages.

Sadolin stagnates on the 11th place with 21 points joint with four other teams;  JMC (7), decease Soana, Bul Fc and Bright stars in that order. The Saints have only won twice with four draws to accumulate ten points and are sitting on 15th position.

The league breaks until Mid February after the 2016 African Nations Championships to be. held in Rwanda.

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