AUPL: Bright Stars End Year With Bul Win

By Ian Musiimenta  

Right from their declaration of ambitions, symptoms nominations and with the campaign trails of almost all the 8 presidential candidates for the 2016 general elections, help one can easily tell how Uganda’s opposition lost the 2016 election.

From the recent Daily Monitor opinion poll conducted by a Nairobi based Infotrak Research and Consulting firm, diagnosis President Museveni has been ranked leading with 60 percent followed by the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) flag bearer, Kizza Besigye, with 21 percent as former premier Amama comes in third place with a 6 percent.

These polls have of course been received with mixed feelings and bad blood especially the opposition who have bashed them.

Recently while presenting a paper titled; “Enter the Dragon? The Contested candidacy of John Patrick Amama Mbabazi” held at the Centre for Basic Research in Kololo, a law don at Makerere University Prof. Joe Oloka Onyango predicted that the opposition will lose the 2016 election to the incumbent Yoweri Museveni.

In his argument, he says that all signs seem to be in favor of President Museveni and Mbabazi has no ground to win this election and neither has Besigye and other candidates.

I would not want to go further from his argument although it is very important for me to bring out why I think the Ugandan opposition lost the 2016 election right from the word go.

Unlike other countries, Ugandan opposition politicians lack mentor ship and thus even when they have severally lost, they have failed to negotiate with the election winners to work together and make tangible change in the communities they hail from.

For instance, in 2011, the opposition stopped fighting for all the promises they made to Ugandans only to wait for the five years to elapse. Any normal and understanding Ugandan will not be easily drawn into their campaign trail since it seems duping citizens.

Secondly, the opposition in Uganda lack sellable ideas to the citizens.

It indeed shocks to find a person like Amama Mbabazi who has been an architect of the government for the last 30 years coming up now to say he has new plans and ideas for the country’s citizens, really?

Mr. Besigye makes matters worse especially with his defiance campaign. When you hear what they promise Ugandans, they automatically lack substance.

Recently, other presidential candidates including Dr. Bwanika, Prof. Baryamureeba have joined Besigye’s misguided propaganda of overhauling systems in Uganda. The proposed overhauls according to them include; education system, health and public transport systems.

Whereas there might be shortfalls with the named systems, at least the better language would be improving, or modifying the service delivery systems to ensure quality, it annoys to find that they claim that they have Uganda at heart yet they have been sitting and just wishing and all they can afford now is incite trouble to Ugandans in search of votes.

If at all there was a young and fresh men and women with some fresh ideas among the competitors, then we would be having hopes of positive change from the opposition.

All Ugandans are to do is to choose from what we have been seeing for the past 20 years and so would one think they will choose something different? No.

Ugandans by the end of 18th February they will vote wisely but the opposition will shout that elections were rigged.

Some analysts have gradually argued that what is happening in Uganda is a gradual growth of political maturity which is managed and inspired by the NRM, despite the hiccups, NRM still remains a peaceful mass party.

Of course other political parties have simply got no fortitude to be present during the time of elections and this is partly due to funding. Nevertheless, since the opposition had decided to scatter themselves, let them not be surprised with their imminent loss, though they will get some marginal votes.

In an ideal society, a proper political party must have an agenda that should span for over 10 years or so but not just a few days to the elections. How do you begin trusting the opposition which cannot have clear stands on particular issues in the country?

One thing that I would envision is this opposition that would consistently unite towards doing something that builds the country together with the ruling party. Then, Ugandans trust can be won.

However, when the so-called opposition political parties assume they are a know-all-category of people and they pretend to be clean and continue worse of all to preach the campaigns of defiance which supports violence, Ugandans get messed and the ruling party NRM with our leader president Museveni cannot at any one moment trust in their leadership.

That is why we continue to beseech all Ugandans not to be misguided by the opportunistic opposition but rather think about how to preserve of brighter future. We support the NRM which for long has led our country to an improved economy. We can’t afford to have an economy which will make almost every one of us suffer.

The Writer is a Political Mobilizer.
Eastern giants Bul FC produced a poor show on Tuesday loosing 0-1 to Bright Stars FC at home in the last game of the first round.

Both sides played a cautious and non-entertaining first half with barely any clear-cut chances created.

After recess, recipe coach Alex Isabirye introduced Augustine Nsumba for David Kiiza and also pulled out Simon Okwil bringing on left back Hakim Magumba to allow James Kasibante get an advancing role. Fred Kajoba counteracted and later brought in Emmanuel Jjungo for Ivan Sserunkuma.

The changes brought in fresh breadth with Kaliisa exchanging well with Nsumba before cutting in the box but his 50th minute strike went begging just inches with Mathias Kigonya well beaten.

The hosts made another close call when Augustine Nsumba deflected Walulya’s strong cross but was left shocked with Kigonya’s brilliant reflex that tossed the ball over for a corner.

Bongoole’s strike
Anthony Bongole beat his marker Hakim Magombe to a long ball that seemed to be heading out, there connected it with a nice loop on the first touch over keeper Emma Kalyowa who was caught in unaware nine yards from his line.

The win takes Bright stars level on 21 points with Bul Fc but the latter stands one place above on the ninth place due to superior goal difference.

Bul Fc breaks off for New Years holiday and are expected back on 11th January to begin preparations for the second leg and Cup action.

BUL FC: Kalyowa Emma, Derrick Walulya, Joseph Ssempira, Osman Wejuli, Godfrey Buni, Simon Okwil, Paul Kibande, David Kiiza Militon Karisa, John Kasibante.

Bright Stars: Mathias Kigonya, Joseph Nsubuga, Hakim Mugerwa, Akram Kakembo, Bernard Muwanga, Jimmy Kakooza, Martin Kivumbi, Gerald Bagoole, Bruhan Matovu, Ivan Sserunkuma.

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