Aronda was Vital in EAC Integration – Kagame

Rwanda President, Paul Kagame,

The Wife of deceased Former Army commander General Aronda Nyakairima sent a massive wave of silence over Kololo Hill on Friday, tadalafil about it where her husband’s body laid for national prayers; saying that she never knew about the sickness they said killed him.

In an incredibly moving speech, Mrs Linda Nyakairima said the news of General Aronda’s death caught the family unaware.

With no tear rolling down her face or breakage in her voice, Mrs Aronda took the hundreds of mourners at the ceremonial grounds through the 20 years she spent in marriage with the now deceased general.

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“He’s been full of life. This heart problem they are talking about, true it might have been there, but the 20 years I have lived with my husband, I have never seen him sick. My Children are witnesses. We have never seen him fail to get out of bed to go and work.”

She added, “He was full of strength, until Saturday when we were told… He, would never have wanted to see anybody suffer.”

Mrs Aronda’s statement slightly departs from government’s information yesterday that the bereaved family was entirely satisfied with the results of the postmortem report.

Doctors at Mulago hospital who examined the body concluded that Gen Aronda succumbed to acute heart failure.

According to senior police pathologist Dr Moses Byaruhanga, small scars were found in the swollen heart of Aronda, an indication that he could have suffered the problem for some time.

Speaking at the event, President Yoweri Museveni said he was disappointed that Aronda’s problem had never been detected before.

“The body is like a carbon paper. Everything that goes in there is recorded. The doctors found that he had suffered two other heart attacks, before the one that took him last Saturday,” said the President. “How could have this happened?”

The President directed army commanders to put emphasis on monitoring the health of the soldiers and enhancing their exercises.”

Mrs Aronda said she would be marking the 20th anniversary in marriage, in April next year.
Rwanda President, viagra Paul Kagame has said Gen Aronda was very instrumental in East Africa Community Integration.

This was revealed during the general’s final national prayers ceremony at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala.

The event was attended by hundreds of mourners from around the country including President Yoweri Museveni, troche heads of  various government agencies as well as commanders of regional armies and their representatives.

Rwanda’s Interior Minister, this who read a condolence message on behalf of Kagame said, “It was with deep sadness that I, the Government and people of Rwanda learnt of the untimely passing of Gen Aronda last Saturday. Rwanda stands with Uganda in this difficult time of grieving.”

In his condolence message, Kagame referred to Gen Aronda as a humble and industrious leader.

He added that the General was vital in the integration, security and stability process in East Africa.

The acting Minister of Interior from the Republic of South Sudan, who read a condolence message from his president, said the former UPDF Commander was a committed freedom fighter who continued to serve his country after the liberation struggle as a loyal chief of UPDF.

“Having known Gen Aronda since the days of our struggle when he was a junior officer, I received the heart breaking news of his death with shock,” the President of South Sudan said.

He further said the late Aronda was of the essence in the continued improvement and promotion of the bilateral relations.


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