Army Dismisses Museveni, Kayihura Fallout Claims

UPDF Spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire

The UPDF have refuted reports that President Yoweri Museveni has fallen out with the Inspector General of Police General Kale, and decided to transfer police powers and resources to the Commander of Military Police, Brig Sabiiti Muzeeyi.

Reports came out in print media today quoting “impeccable sources” as claiming that the President has transferred a significant portion of classified operation budget of Gen Kayihura, to Brig Sabiiti Muzeeyi.

The army this afternoon however, sought to dismiss the reports saying that at no time were Kayihura’s powers and resources transferred to the Military Police. The force also says the source and motive of the reports are now subject of investigation.

The UPDF spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire said in a statement that the Military Police and its leadership continue to execute their core mandate “which includes but not limited to maintaining discipline in the UPDF, providing security to key national installations as well as supporting other security agencies in keeping law and order when called upon.”

“There is absolutely no threat or situation that has warranted the shift of core responsibilities and resources from the Uganda Police Force to the Military police,” Karemire clarified.

“As a specialized Unit of the UPDF, the Military Police continues to be resourced from the budget appropriated for the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs.

Speculations about Gen Kayihura and his tenure became rampant in media in the past two weeks following his mysterious disappearance from the public, forcing police to release part of what was supposed to be a classified trip to Turkey.

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