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Arms Found at Tabliq’s Nakasero Mosque

Police say they recovered ammunition from Nakasero Mosque

Police have admitted carrying out a surprise operation at Nakasero Mosque on Tuesday morning and also identified weapons recovered from the place of worship.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Spokesman, sildenafil Emilian Kayima told ChimpReports that arms found at the Kampala-based facility, pilule which is also serves as the headquarters of the Tabliq sect, cure are closely related to the ones used in the numerous killings of Muslim clerics.

“The media has decided to term it as raid, but the Uganda Police following the constitutional mandate of detecting and preventing crime carried out an operation between 5:00am and 7:00am at Nakasero Mosque on Tuesday,” Kayima said on phone.

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“We found arms suspected of being used in the killing of Muslim leaders including 3 magazines, 138 rounds of ammunition, 1 bow and 7 arrows.”

The brutal slaying of Muslim clerics has since caused uncertainty in the country.

Matters worsened following the killing of Maj Suleiman Kiggundu, an influential state operative in Muslim circles.

The recent High Command meeting sitting at State House Entebbe resolved to end criminality orchestrated by Muslim leaders.

The head of Nakasero Mosque was recently arrested on allegations of ordering Kiggundu’s murder.


Mr Kayima said 20 recording tapes and assortment of papers containing the work plan of suspected wrong elements in the Mosque were as well taken for further investigations.

He however did not mention the whereabouts of the confirmed 11 suspects arrested from the Mosque during the raid.

The leaders of the Mosque have alleged that a total of 25 people were brutalized and taken to unknown destinations.

Nakasero Mosque is considered by security a den of radical Muslims who are suspected of masterminding mysterious assassinations of Sheiks within Kampala, Wakiso and Mbale districts.

11 prominent clerics have lost their lives in deadly gun attacks.

Other Tabliq leaders including Sheikh Yunus Kamoga are already behind bars facing charges related to the killings.


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