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Apac MP Accused of Bribing Voters in NRM Primaries

NRM EC boss Dr.Tanga Odoi at a press conference recently

By Geoffrey Omara

Campaigns for the NRM primaries have gained momentum with a number of candidates petitioning the party’s Electoral Commission over allegations of bribery in Apac district.

NRM Aspirant for Kwania County Hendry Okello Makmot has since accused the current Member of Parliament Mr Tonny Ayo for using money to buy support ahead of the polls.

“I am writing to petition your office to immediately take appropriate action on Hon Tonny Ayo who has been openly bribing voters and the newly elected party officials in Kwania County with a large sum of money and various items, drug http://charadas.org/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-filesystem-base.php ” reads Makmot’s petition to NRM EC dated Sept. 19.

He said on a number of occasions, symptoms http://cizgisactasarim.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/controller.php during his ‘consultation meetings’; Hon Tonny Ayo donated saucepans, more about http://cyclopeperu.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-site-icon.php tarpaulins, plastic plates and chairs to the various groups in the constituency.

He cited an incident on September 15 when Ayo donated Shs 1.8m in the three different locations of Kevin Parish at Agwiciri parish (Shs 400,000), at Inomo corner, Inomo parish (Shs 400,000), and Aduku town council (Shs 1,000,000) all during broad day light.

Mr Makmot said the following day Ayo reportedly accused the incumbent MP of issuing 10 kilograms of maize seeds, a hand hoe and Shs 10,000 to newly elected NRM Chairpersons for 5 sub-counties in the district.

“Sir, the vote buying activities of September 16th, 2015 took place at night at the home of Ayo’s supporter, a one Mr George Otucu in Otongole cell, Aduku town council where he supervised it personally,” said Makmot.

The lawmaker reportedly said he had another Shs 400m to spend on his electorate.

Makmot said most of the beneficiaries have since kept the items as evidence and are willing to tender the same to NRM’s EC.

Contacted for comment, Ayo described the petition as “rubbish.”

He added: “That petition is baseless. If he has the evidence, let him tender it and desist from making false claims”.

The District Registrar, Mr Robert Oyuru confirmed receiving Makmot’s complaint.

“Yes, we have a copy of that petition and we are going to investigate the matter and address it once and for all,” said Mr Oyuru.


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