Apac: ARV’s Expire at Health Facilities


Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) have accused President Museveni of denying serving army generals a chance to celebrate their retirement from the army.

The FDC spokesperson, buy treatment Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda told journalists at the party headquarters in Kampala that the president had as a result caused many army officers to die without enjoying their retirement by holding them in service for regime survival.

Ssemujju remarked that after Gen. Aronda Nyakayirima had successfully worked as the army Chief of Defense Forces (CDF) it was befitting for him to retire from all government business but was instead put into the Ministry of Internal Affairs to fight the opposition.

“Museveni has turned the army into another prison where no one is allowed to retire since he fears that they might join his opposition rivals, medicine ” Ssemujju said.

“The likes of (Brig Henry) Tumukunde have received their retirement after promising that they will campaign for president Museveni. This shouldn’t be the case.

Ssemujju noted that Museveni had started using Gen. Aronda to act contrary to what took him to the bush by putting him in the ministry that has championed torture against the citizens of Uganda.

“Aronda and other generals went to the bush to fight against inhuman acts and inequality but sadly, by the time he died he had not realized the freedom that he fought for but rather was used to head a ministry that has spearheaded the implementation of the Public Order Management Act that restricts people from gathering and enjoying their freedom.”

Ssemujju added Aronda’s death should be used to fight for army officers to receive decent retirement and hold celebrations for them as it is the case in other countries other than having them imprisoned within the army they deliberately chose to join with fear that they might join the opposition.



By Geoffrey Omara

Apac District Health Authorities have raised concerns over the expired Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) which are currently available in the various health facilities in the district.

Dr. Mather Emer, viagra 60mg the District Health Officer said, pharm “We have ARVs in all the 32 health facilities in Apac district but most of the drugs are getting expired because patients do not come for them.”

This was revealed at a consultative meeting held at the planning unit board room at the district headquarters on Monday.

Emer noted that the number of HIV clients getting the Aids treatment are few.

“It is only women who are undergoing treatment compared to the men,” Emer said.

According to Emer, Apac has the high HIV prevalence rate of 10.7% compared to the national prevalence of 7.3% while Northern has the prevalence rate of 8.3%.

“What we need to do is just to pull ourselves and fight the new cases since it’s the only major economic challenge threatening the achievement of Millennium Development Goal,” he noted.

“We need to spread the gospel of zero grazing to those who are now married and those who do not have partners should abstain,” he advised.

Joel Ewany, ART focal person said the numbers of HIV positive children receiving treatment is less compared to the number of Children diagnosed with the disease.

“In Apac hospital, the latest statistics shows that only 310 children are on ARV yet they are supposed to be 500,” he said.

The district health Educator Mr. Onyik  Geoffrey Paul said the finding  from 2011 national Hiv indicator survey says the prevalence rate of Ugandans aged between 15-49 years who are infected with  Hiv/AIDS has risen and stands at 7.3%.

“Note that the number of   women infected with Hiv is even higher than the national prevalence with 8.8% than their counter part men who has 5.6% while the one for children is 12.5% up from 6.4% in the 2004-2005 survey,”
Onyik added.


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