APAA CRISIS: Acholi Leaders, Community to Hold Peaceful Match Tomorrow

Kilak North MP, Gilbert Olanya

Leaders and the general Acholi community have organized a peaceful match in solidarity with the victims of the Apaa attack.

The match is scheduled for Monday morning in Pabo sub-county. The Acholi still consider that Apaa is in Labala parish in Pabbo sub-county.

Five people have lost their lives following the attack that has heightened the tribal tension between Acholi and Madi community who also claim the same village.

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On Saturday Acholi leaders including Democratic Party President, dosage Norbert Mao, Members of Parliament; Komakech Lyandro, Gilbert Olanya of Kilak North, Akol Anthony of Kilak South and others visited the horrible scene where victims were speared, shot with arrows and cut with pangas.

The leaders later decided that there should be a peaceful match.

The decision of the leaders was posted on social media by MP Gilbert Olanya who called on all the participants to carry special leaves known as “oboke olwedo” which is a symbol of peace in Luo community.

“Acholi, Acholi, on Monday the Acholi people shall express their dismay and total rejection of Gen. Moses Ali’s move that resulted to killing the children of Acholi,” part of the message reads.

The match is to start from Gulu town to Pabo Sub County which is about a 40 kilometers stretch.

The match we have understood is to raise funds mainly for the 4,000 displaced people who direly need basics like food, shelter, clothing and medical care.

Acholi leaders are already appealing to their members in diaspora to send assistance for the affected people.

When contacted on phone Olanya confirmed the tomorrow’s planned event.

“Tomorrow we are having a peaceful match that will climax with a meeting in Pabo. We simply need peace,” Olanya said.


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