Anti-Museveni Movement Rallies Trump to Suspend U.S. Aid to Uganda

Presidents Yoweri Museveni and Donald Trump

A clandestine opposition movement operating from the Diaspora has urged U.S. President Donald Trump to block aid to the Uganda government.

Mr. Remigius Kintu, doctor Chairman of Uganda National Front, order petitioned President Trump and the U.S. Congress to “suspend U.S. military and financial aid to Uganda which is sustaining Museveni’s corrupt government.”

Kintu also urged Washington to “re-consider U.S. diplomatic relations with Museveni who is holding on power by stealing elections.”

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Uganda’s relations with Washington remain unclear.

Trump is yet to unveil his foreign policy towards Africa but his strategists have since questioned the logic of aid to some countries.

President Museveni won the 2016 elections amid accusations of widespread rigging.

The Supreme Court would later rule in favor of the president, viagra 60mg dismissing allegations of irregularities as baseless.

It also affirmed Museveni as Uganda’s legitimately elected President.

However, Kintu said in his petition seen by ChimpReports on Saturday, that “United States cannot be the champion of democracy while at the same time propping up…Museveni with U.S. military and financial aid.”

He added: “We are calling upon President Donald J. Trump to make good of his campaign promise to never again let the U.S. support Museveni who has overstayed in power for 31 years…”

Trump never made the alleged comments.

Kintu said Uganda’s economy, infrastructure and essential services have been destroyed and that the elections are usually manipulated to keep the incumbent in power.

For many years, Kampala has maintained close ties with the west especially United States.

Washington provides Uganda aid in form of military logistics and medical supplies.

Uganda also plays key roles in Washington’s war on terror especially in Somalia.



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