Anite Speaks Out: This is Why I Intended to Sideline Mbabazi in Kyankwanzi

THUMBS UP: Anite adressing NRM youths at Nakivubo Blue Primary School in Kampala on Thursday [Photo by Nixon Segawa / Chimpreports]

Lawyers representing detained social media activist Robert Shaka have petitioned Nakawa Magistrate’s Court to order the immediate release of their client, decease Chimp Corps report.

They claim Shaka has so far been detained at the police SIU headquarters in Kireka for more than 48 hours without being produced before court.

Human Rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo told journalists at Chapter Four offices in Kampala on Wednesday that their client’s detention is “unlawful”.

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He said Shaka should be released or officially charged to enable lawyers prepare his defence.

“We invite the Uganda Police Force to own up the detention of Shaka and allow him time to meet his family since his case is neither a felony nor a capital offence, seek ” Opiyo argued.

Opiyo described as an “absurdity” police’s failure to state the offence for which Shaba was arrested and detained on Monday morning.

Robert Shaka at SIU headquarters in Kireka on Tuesday

Robert Shaka at SIU headquarters in Kireka on Tuesday

“According to the charge and caution statement administered, police points out two reasons for his arrest; that using computers and other electronic devices, Shaka issued offensive communications against the sovereign state of Uganda, brought it into hatred and contempt and accordingly committing the offence of promotion of sectarianism contrary to section 41 of the Penal Code Act.”

To this effect, Opiyo said he found it “unreasonable that police are using an act that is currently challenged before the Supreme Court” to have his client detained.

“The second offence laid down is that using computers and other electronic devices, Shaka issued offensive communication against president Yoweri Museveni, Janet Museveni, Kale Kayihura, a one ‘Mbabazi’ and a one ‘Kelen’ thereby committing the offence of offensive communication contrary to section 25 of the Computer Misuse Act.”

Opiyo said he found it disturbing the charge and caution statement describes his client as Tom Voltaire Okwalinga (TVO) who has for long been hunted by police for defaming government through different social media platforms.

He remarked that Mr. Shaka was first arrested in February, 2015 over the same allegations and has since then been reporting without fail at the CIID headquarters, particularly to the media offences unit that had granted him police bond as it investigates the allegations against him.

“As Mr. Shaka remains in detention without access to any form of electronic gadgetry, the said TVO continues to operate his/ her social media account, embarrassingly exposing the baselessness of the police accusations and premise for his arrest.”

“The actions taken by police are seen as a direct front and a watershed against freedom of expression especially to the new media; we are however ready to defend Shaka until he is acquitted of any charge.”
A 15 year old boy [Names withheld] shocked court Wednesday afternoon as he narrated the last moments they he had with Hassim Ssali, ampoule a key suspect in the murder of city businessman Wilberforce Wamala before he later died in Bukasa police cells under unclear circumstances.

In his testimony before Makindye grade one magistrate George Watyekere, story the boy revealed that on the night the late SSali passed on, he was brought in their cell by unidentified men and he was accompanied by a man who was described as his brother, but later the man was set free.

“I was detained at Bukasa police post in 2012 for theft. I was in the cells with four people when Hassan was brought in under critical conditions, he was bleeding profusely and he was being held by the said brother, who was granted police bond hours later,” he narrated.

“Ssali told us that things had turned against him when a murder deal he was pursuing went wrong and that his bosses had refused to pay him.”

“On that very night at around 3.00 am, Ssali asked me for some drinking water, and I told him to talk to Mzee, one of our elderly inmates. But he was so feeble, that he couldn’t even move. He just crawled.

However, to our utter shock, we were woken up the following morning by Mzee, telling as that Ssali had committed suicide. Indeed his body dangled naked right above us on a jacket. Blood was still dripping from the body and interestingly, it was being collected in bucket underneath, which bucket was in a distant corner by the time we went to sleep.”

“We were surprised and we kept wondering how a man that could not even sit by himself, was able to hang himself on the cell’s ceiling. There was also a fork near the body despite the fact that forks were forbidden inside the cells and all food that comes in is checked thoroughly.

The DPC Kabalagala then SP Francis Chemusto in his testimony put all the blame on the OC Bukasa Police post by then one AIP Kau, who failed to carry out his duties, leading to death of a suspect.

Kabalagala DPC Francis Chemusto in court

Kabalagala DPC Francis Chemusto in court

“On 21st September 2013, I received a call from Divisional CID officer Kikomeko Deo at 6.00am informing me that a suspect had committed suicide in Bukasa Police post where I rushed with the OC CID Kabalagala,” Chemusto narrated.

Chemusto revealed that it was agreed on divisional level that only juveniles were to be kept at Bukasa police cells, at the same time and no murder suspect were supposed to be detained in a police post. For disregarding thiese rules, he said the OC Bukasa was arrested and suspended from work

“He was arrested because he did his work unprofessionally, first by not entering the suspect in the lock-up book as the law says. The information in the lock up book was not tallying with people in the cells; at the time of the incident the post had only two officers instead of at least six the minimum number required. He couldn’t recall the people who brought Ssali to the police post nor did he have their details and at the same time he didn’t call me as his immediate boss when the suspect died in his cells” Chemusto added.

Chemusto added that he was not convinced by the allegations that the man had committed suicide and thus waited to get the results from the experts.

Nakalema Saidat 42, mother to the deceased said that his son was picked in Kammengo  Mpigi district in the month of  September 2013  by a group of armed men in civilian attire on allegations that he killed a business man by names of Wamala after robbing him his money.

The deceased's mother Nakalema Saidat testfying

The deceased’s mother Nakalema Saidat testfying

“I was informed that my son was at Bukasa Police post but when I came to Bukasa and asked the police officers, they asked me whether I had not watched him dead on Agataliiko nfuufu news on Bukedde TV. I followed up and picked the body in Mulago mortuary and later we organized burial ceremony”

The deceased, Hassim Ssali, was a key suspect in the murder of city businessman Wilberforce Wamala, who was killed at his home in Mutungo, Luzira two years back. Ssali’s arrest was due to the efforts that Wamala’s widow put in the case through the use of private investigators
The State Minister for Youth and Children Affairs, hospital Evelyn Anite has commended the decision by Kampala Central NRM Youths under ‘Cadres 2014, health ’ upon petitioning the Central Executive Committee (CEC) Chairman and president of the party, Yoweri Museveni to have Amama Mbabazi expelled out of the party.

Addressing the youths at Nakivubo Blue Primary School, Anite described the petition as timely and a brilliant idea; adding that this was the essence of her February 2014 infamous Kyankwanzi resolution that suggested President Yoweri Museveni’s sole candidature.

“I want to commend you for thinking brilliantly; my major aim of launching the sole candidature campaign was to sideline Mbabazi after seeing that he had already started forming cliques within the party with the aim of having members divided,” Anite assured the youth.

“I implore all the youths not to allow a leader that promotes sectarianism; it’s not about which tribe leads but it’s all about credible and perfect leadership. We shall not allow such talk as; ‘The Bahima have eaten, it’s now time for the Bakiga,’ this is not about eating but leadership,” Anite emphasized.

Anite reechoed that Mbabazi should be pushed out of the party since he has already portrayed that he no longer follows the party principles.

“Mbabazi has staged a new logo of a crested crane and a slogan of ‘Go forward’ which are different from the party logo and slogan; this is a clear indication that he must be left to ‘go forward’ and out of the party.”

She accused Mbabazi of copying the NRM ten-point programme by trimming it to the eight ten program but with similar agenda.

“Mbabazi should be held accountable for copying of program and for driving NRM into corruption; we vow to reveal all his messes to the public.”

“I call on all of you to understand that our way forward is to stand up, campaign and mobilize for our president but desist from putting down Mbabazi’s posters.”


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