Anger As Lira Municipality Spends UGX 800m To Fix Shoddy Works On Two New Roads

A Signage On One Of The Newly Completed Roads In Lira Town

Residents of Lira municipality are protesting a decision by authorities to spend 800million shillings to rectify shoddy works on two recently commissioned roads.

Kellah Otim Okello, visit web publicity secretary of  Lira Municipality Development Platform calls upon the inspectorate of Government to investigate the expenditure.

Okello wonders why Lira municipality authorities have refused to bring to book the contractors behind the alleged shoddy works but are instead comfortably spending extra money to fix the problems.

Raymond Achila, more about the Executive Director Lira Accountability Centre describes the reports as fishy and calls upon key personnel within the municipality to be probed.

Achila suspects that municipal officials could have colluded with the Chinese contractors to fleece money from public confers.

Lira municipality mayor Ogwang Michael Veve admits that expenditure but says they had no option but to cater for the costs themselves after they failed to trace the contractor.

Ogwang explains that the rectification works involved opening up of drainage channels along one of the roads and surface tilting at another.

The mayor denies accusations of colluding with the contractor with his officers adding that he is open to any probe intended to bring out the truth.

He identifies the roads as Awange Mola, viagra in central division whose and Rwot Alyer in Ojwina division.

The latest development comes only a week after a whistle blower wrote to World Bank, the biggest funders of the municipality’s projects, seeking to suspend funding to Lira municipality.

The whistle blower cites mismanagement of project funds, poor supervision of projects and abuse of human rights accruing for demolition of illegal structures within Lira town which left many homeless.

An official at the financial body says following the letter, the World Bank has resolved to institute investigations into the claims.

The World Bank is currently running an infrastructural development Programme in the municipality dubbed USMID to a tune of 28.4billion shillings.


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