Andrew Rugasira Seeks to Lead Uganda Chamber of Commerce

Andrew Rugasira

Businessman Andrew Rugasira has Sunday announced plans to seek the presidency of the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI), approved Chimp Corps report.

The entrepreneur unveiled his ambition during a media round-table discussion at Kampala Serena Hotel.

The elections for the UNCCI’s new leadership takes place this year at the organisation’s annual general assembly.

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“With your support, visit web we can transform our Chamber and develop our country, medicine ” said Rugasira of the famous Good African Coffee.

The Uganda National Chamber of Commerce (the Chamber) is the oldest private sector association in the country.

It was set up in 1933, as an umbrella organisation to bring businesses and entrepreneurs together, promote trade and investment, enhance business networking and partnerships and advocate for business-friendly policies.

In a recent newspaper article, Rugasira said the Chamber has failed to deliver on its potential and the expectations of its members and stakeholders.

“Dwindling membership, high staff turnover and poor morale, revolt and resignations of board members, apathy and disgruntlement at the district levels, mismanagement of company assets and a general failure to meet the objectives of the Chamber, are all problems that are undeniable and unsustainable,” said Rugasira.

“The time has come for Uganda to have a strong Chamber of Commerce to better meet the challenges of tomorrow in partnership with our government and stakeholders; because to be fair, government cannot do everything; the private sector must play its patriotic and partnership role,” he added.

Rugasira said a resurgent Chamber can contribute to building a knowledge-based economy and engage in the robust advocacy for pro-business policies.

“When a Chamber has competent and dedicated leadership, it unlocks the entrepreneurial potential of the next generation. The private sector has an important role to play in addressing our many challenges and for this to happen, it has to be well organised, well networked, well represented, well-funded and well respected,” said Rugasira.

The UNCCI is currently headed by Olive Kigongo.


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