Amelia Kyambadde, Lango MPs Persuade Angry Lira Traders

Amelia Kyambadde

The Minister of Trade, physician Industries and Cooperatives, viagra 40mg Amelia Kyambadde and the Members of Parliament from Lango sub-region on Friday managed to convince the angry traders in Lira town to abandon the planned industrial action.

Kyambadde and the MPs led by Dokolo North’s Paul Amoru assembled the traders and their leaders at Lira District Council Chambers where the minister promised to follow up on the grievances of the mainly local traders and as well give them support.

The heated discussion at the Council Chambers lasted for seven hours from 12 to 5pm as the local traders strongly maintained their grounds that foreign investors mainly Indians should be stopped from doing petty retailing and they should only engage in whole sale business.

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The traders also demanded that the Indians should not be allowed to go to the villages to buy food and cash crop produce but should station in Lira town and receive produce from the local middlemen.

The interim Chairperson of Lira Traders, Mr. Achai Godwin who also declared their disintegration from the National Chamber of Commerce, said he and his members had given the government only two weeks to solve their problems or they would take “drastic action” against the foreigners.

The traders were however forced to delete the clauses that call for violence and posed threat to the lives of foreigners in the area.

Amelia told the traders that the government has given Indians, Chinese and other foreigners only one month to fulfill all legal perimeters for business operation in Uganda and those indulging in petty business to quit.

“There’s already a policy in place for the foreign investors to update and adhere to all domestic legal requirements. They are also required to stick to the terms of investment they were absorbed for,” Amelia said.

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