Amama Mbabazi on the Spot over Unpaid Water Bills

NWSC letter to Mbabazi regarding his unpaid water bills

Minister in charge of security Hon Karooro Okurut has cautioned belligerent Christians in Bushenyi to stop the aggression against their Bishop, symptoms http://cottages-with-a-view.co.uk/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-screen.php Rev Yona Katonene as this would lead to further disintegration of the West Ankole Diocese.

At a conference held yesterday at Katungu diocese in Bushenyi, cost http://crememinceur.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/sharedaddy/sharing-sources.php the minister warned the Christians that waging war against their leader would only hamper the church’s progress, rx and that government would not wait much long to intervene if the situation can’t be contained internally.

The ministers warning followed Bishop Katonene’s plea to the Minister to grant him protection from his belligerent followers stating that his life was in peril.

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The Bishop is being accused by a section of his followers in West Ankole Diocese of misconduct in running church affairs in Sheema district.

Reports indicate that the Christians who have blocked Katonene from holding any pastoral function in Sheema and asked the Church of Uganda to take charge of their affairs until they form their own diocese which they have proposed to call central Ankole Diocese.

In his address, the bishop faulted his followers for relying on falsehoods to implicate him in various wrongs, and relentlessly fighting him.

The bishop said that a number of individuals and heads of laity had gone as far as investing money to demonize his works.

“There has been a lot of distortion of the truth. It is not only myself being threatened but several priests and Christians too have been intimidated with threats to have their houses burnt if they don’t denounce me.

Among his all-out enemies Katonene said included some politicians who are using their offices to pile pressure on him including calling and writing to the Arch Bishop about his purported poor policies.

Hon Minister Mary Karoro Okurut in her response said that the bishop is the hope of the church and any one fighting him is not far from fighting God.

Karoro urged Christians to work together for the good of the diocese instead of conflicting.  She warned the individual’s against pushing the bounds to criminal extremities as burning of Reverend’s vehicles, which are against the law.

She noted that as a security minister; she would not hesitate to arrest all those involved in causing insecurity in the districts of Sheema, Rubirizi, Bunyaruguru and the rest.

Kahinda Otafiire speaking to the Christians

Kahinda Otafiire speaking to the Christians

Also speaking at the event, Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister Hon Kahinda Otafire urged Christians to let the man of God conduct his duties.

Kahinda noted that no Christian is allowed to stop the bishop from visiting Sheema district or conducting his work in any church in the diocese.

“A bishop can’t be crucified; what kind of Christians are you? Learn how to handle crucial issues in a democratic way,” Kahinda stressed.

Amama Mbabazi has come under fire to pay his outstanding water bills which have accumulated to a staggering Shs 11m, page http://chuaxuattinhsom.info/wp-includes/class-wp-customize-panel.php revelations that could hurt his presidential ambitions.

Opponents hope to ride on this new development to ask whether Mbabazi who refuses to pay his water bills for over a year is the right man for the highest political seat in the land.

In a letter dated June 10, stuff National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) informed Mbabazi of his outstanding bill who did not respond as expected.

“Reference is made to our meter ref. BMI/KW/COMM/03-15 delivered and received at your premise on March 11, 2015. Your water bill for your residence on Plot 10, Nyonyi Gardens in the names of Hon Amama Mbabazi has grown to 11,044,679 as at 18th June 2015,” the reminder reads in part.

“Another meter on the same plot located at the gate in the names of Ministry of Defence has an outstanding bill of 1,338,384 (used by security guards),” the letter added.

“This is therefore yet another reminder that you arrange to clear this bill to enable us serve you better. We however, remain committed to serving you as our esteemed customer and look forward to an amicable and conclusive settlement of this bill. We take this opportunity to thank you yet again for supporting the Corporation by using our service.”

NSWC had earlier in March this year alerted Mbabazi that “our record show that though your water supply has not yet been disconnected, you have an outstanding water bill amounting to 9,330,703 as at 17th February 2015.”

The water supply body said, “A further look at your statement of accounts and the transaction history shows that payment was last made on this account on the 17th April, 2014. It is against this background that we are today officially reminding you of the outstanding balance on your water account that ought to be cleared.”

NWSC urged Mbabazi “to clear this bill within this month and plan to clear the subsequent bills on a monthly basis.”

Mbabazi family speaks out

It is understood that Mbabazi, who recently declared his interest to stand for president in 2016, did not pay the bills.

However, a family member told ChimpReports on Monday morning that, “the Bill will be paid.”

The family member added: “There are two water meters at the Kololo house. One was for the main house and the other for the UPDF soldiers. The outstanding is shs11m because the water meter was paid for only once in ten years. We kept asking them (UPDF) to clear the bill and they kept saying they would clear it.”

This contrasts with NWSC’s submission that it’s the meter in Mbabazi’s name that reads Shs11m.

Officials at NWSC said disconnection is normally its last resort, for good customer care.

“This is our normal administrative procedure of dealing with customers on payments. It is not isolation. The Bill combines water and sewerage over about one year and relates to a property that Hon Amama Mbabazi is occupying currently.”

Top NRM officials have since taken to social media to query Mbabazi’s suitability for presidency amid the unfolding developments.

Mbabazi, who said in this declaration that he would, after taking power, fight what he called the “deep-seated corruption” in Uganda, is now being asked whether if he is a clean man.

The former Prime Minister was expected to return to Uganda on Sunday afternoon but did not show up.


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