“All Leadership Comes from God” – Kadaga Preaches to Kenyan MPs

Speaker of Parliament Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga this morning attended neighboring Kenya’s National Prayer Breakfast in Nairobi.

The annual event organized by the Kenyan Parliament brings together leaders from across the political divide to reaffirm their commitment to God and dedicate the country to divine protection.

Speaker Kadaga travelled to the Kenyan capital for the event with a few Ugandan officials among the Junior Planning Minister David Bahati, visit this site who is also the Ndorwa West Member of Parliament.

Speaking at the prayer session, Kadaga who has not been at the best of terms with religious leaders back home told the congregation at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi that “all leadership comes from God.”

“All powers that we wield in our offices have been given to us by God,” she said. “We therefore must use these powers wisely.”

The speaker weeks ago came under attack from sections of Ugandans including the head of the Anglican Church Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, for her unprecedented visit to a traditional shrine, purportedly to give thanks to her ancestors for her victory in the past elections.

Ntagali said that like many Ugandans, Christians in the Church of Uganda prayed for Hon. Rebecca Kadaga in her re-election campaign for MP and also for her election as Speaker of Parliament and that therefore the church was confused by the reports of her visiting her ancestral shrine to give thanks for her re-election

At the Nairobi prayer session, Kadaga warned Kenyan legislators that while they have been entrusted by their constituents with authority, they must use it to do good things.

“I pray for President Kenyatta and his government to do good for the people of Kenya,” she noted.

Kadaga explained that she attended the prayer session, “to avenge the visit of Kenyan’s Vice President William Ruto to Uganda during the recently concluded presidential elections.



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