All Employers Must Provide Breastfeeding Facilities – Kadaga

All employers will be required to provide breastfeeding facilities for their lactating workers according to Speaker Kadaga

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has said Parliament is working on a motion aimed at compelling employers to introduce breast feeding facilities for mothers and their babies.

The Speaker who is known for being a champion for gender and equal opportunities made the statement on Monday while meeting the officials from the Ministry of Health led by the new Director General Health Services Anthony Mbonye.

The team came to check on Parliament to find out how the institution’s breast feeding
facility is operating.

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The meeting comes at a time when the world is commemorating the Breast Feeding Week.

“Parliament is going to handle a motion to make sure employers are compelled to introduce and maintain breast feeding facilities for mothers on duty, website like this ” Ms. Kadaga said.

The ministry of Health officials were delighted by the Parliament’s breast feeding facility that was established in September 2015.

The breast feeding center that is currently helping care of 7 children belonging to Members of Parliament and staffs was secured at a cost of Shs 80m.

Meanwhile the Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal, who is also a Commissioner of Parliament, said that even male legislators should be given the opportunities to bring their babies to the Parliament’s
facility instead of leaving them with the maids.

“Madam Speaker, I think it would also be wise and fair for our male MPs to also be given a chance to bring their babies here instead of their maids struggling with the young ones at home,” Mrs. Ogwal said.

Kadaga agreed to Mrs. Ogwal’s prayers but quickly added that it can only be workable when the new chamber is built and more space is created.

The Health ministry is also lobbying for Parliament to increase the number of days working mothers can spend on maternity leave from 60 to 90 days which the speaker promised that parliament will look into;
though will be hard for the private sector to tolerate.


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