Alebtong District Leaders Reject University Project

Hamson Obua, the Ajuri county lawmaker

Alebtong district leaders have rejected a proposed university project in the area on claims that the promoters are land grabbers.

Alebtong district chairperson Denis Okello says his administration has told promoters of the proposed Alebtong University of Science And Technology to take it elsewhere after failing to convince them about its authenticity.

Okello explains that local leaders became suspicious after the promoters told them that they required 2000 acres piece of land to set up the project in Awei sub county, pills Ajuri county Alebtong district.

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Alebtong district council speaker, George Okello says a special committee that was appointed to look into the matter recommended that the district should not give out the land since the promoters had also failed to produce to council a license from the National Council For Higher Education as proof of authenticity of the project.

The speaker adds that councilors were further infuriated when the promoters of the university project deployed grader at the project site in Awei village and graded food crops belonging to the local communities, on the night of 12th May 2017.


Hamson Obua, the Ajuri county lawmaker reveals that, the district has now written to the office of the president seeking clarification over the matter, after the promoters of the project produced a letter purportedly written by President Yoweri Museveni instructing the district council to authorize the giveaway of the 2,600 piece of land which is registered in the name of ministry of agriculture as a quarantine facility.

Obua contends that even if the President had written to direct the give-away, the decision to give out the land rests squarely with Alebtong district leaders

He fears that if the project is given a go ahead more than 200 people who have lived on the piece of land for more than 40years will be evicted, an event that they want to avert.

Achen Christine, the Alebtong district woman lawmaker denies claims that they are against the project but insists that they want genuine and transparent conduct on the part of the promoters.

Andrew Ayo, one of the promoters of the university pleads with the district leadership to grant them greenlight contending that the education initiative will benefit the populace of the district.

Ayo denies any claims of disguising under the university project to grab public land.


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