Akol: I Didn’t Initiate Presidential Handshake; AG Ruhindi Did

URA Boss Doris Akol

URA Commissioner General Doris Akol has distanced herself from the primary role of pushing for the payment of Shs. 6billion Presidential Handshake, buy information pills saying that that this wasn’t originally her  idea.

Mr. Akol revealed today while appearing before Parliament’s Committee on Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) that it was the Attorney General then Hon Fred Ruhindi, who first wrote to President Museveni reminding him of his promise to reward the Uganda select team that helped URA trounce Oil Company Heritage in the London court case, to rake home up to USD 434 Million in Capital Gains Tax.

The London court also awarded Uganda an extra 4million US Dollars in costs.

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Mrs Akol told Parliament that while President Museveni earlier in 2014 had promised a presidential handshake to the Ugandan team if they succeeded in the case, it was the Attorney General who wrote to the President after the case, about his promise of appreciating the team.

It was after the AG’s letter, she says, that President Museveni invited him and the entire team to Rwakitura including Akol herself.

“Ruhindi letter was the very first one to the President,” she told the committee members who compelled her to read it aloud.

In the said letter, the AG stressed that the process of defending Uganda at such an international tribunal required what he calls “unprecedented sacrifices and concentration preparation of documents; working late at night in evidence collection and continuous working without breaks in many instances.”

“He humbly requested the president to consider a reward as promised in 2014 for the team for its exemplary service to the country,” she said.

At the Rwakitura meeting Akol says she was tasked by the President to suggest an appropriate reward for the team.

Subsequently, she says on June 25 2015, she wrote back to the President with her prescription of the adequate award to the 42 member joint government team.

Her suggestion, she says was a sum of 6billion shillings before taxation, which was to be split into sums of 200million, 100million and 50million for the Core, Nonecore and Support members of the team respectively.

Hearing of the Akol-led URA team continues tofay at parliament as MPs continue to probe the Presidential Handshake


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