AKOL: Handshake is Part of Modern Corporate Governance

URA Commissioner General, Doris Akol appearing before COSASE

The Uganda Revenue Authority executive officials led by the Commissioner General, ailment Doris Akol have said the infamous Shs6bn Handshake is an international best practice in the new era of commercial governance.

In a 34 page official URA responses to the committee of Parliament investigating the matter exclusively obtained by ChimpReports, website the tax body labored to defend itself by largely leaping around the prerogative of the President as the Fountain of Honor.

“Reward and recognition for exceptional or excellent performance is part and parcel of modern corporate governance in both private and public arena,” page 12 of the response said.

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Without giving a single example, Akol and her colleagues stressed that handshake has been used several times before to stimulate outstanding performance.

“Payment of handshake is a standard practice that has been used to motivate excellent performance of employees.”

They attacked MPs who caused the probe saying the action of the legislators amounts to a slap in the face of modern corporate governance.

“For the petitioners to argue that a reward for exceptional performance is contrary to good practice amounts to a slap in the face of modern corporate governance.”

Akol and her team also insisted that the handshake was legally paid out basing on chapter seven of the Constitution.

“Under Article 98 and Article 99 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda the President is the fountain of honor and head of the Executive. In accordance with the prerogative of the crown as enshrined in the Constitution, the President is empowered to reward exemplary and ethical performance.”


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