Akena to Launch UPC Nation-wide Campaigns in Lira

President Yoweri Museveni has said that government will not increase salaries for non-teaching staff of Public Universities this financial year because it has to prioritize key developments to undertake in infrastructure development.

“My proposal to you is in principle, pills we are not against you. We cannot increase salary this year because there are so many things to be done.  Ministry of Finance may increase the salaries next year. We are not against the principle of equity but it’s only the timing. We began with the most urgent and later we shall support the rest, doctor ’’ he said.

The President was this afternoon addressing representatives of non-teaching staff of the 6 Public Universities at a meeting held at State Lodge, website like this Mbale.

The non-teaching university staff in public universities of Makerere, Kyambogo, Mbarara, Busitema, Gulu and Muni started the strike on August 3, demanding that government enhances their salaries at the start of the new academic year this month.

The delegation was led by Jackson Betihamah, the chairperson of the Public Universities Non-teaching Staff Executive Forum (PUNTSEF).

They had petitioned President Museveni to help them address the issue of their salary enhancement and equity, as they are part of the University staff.

The President assured them that the government will increase their salaries in the next financial year and urged them to be patient.

He called on them to understand the reason why the government is not increasing the salaries of the civil servants at the moment.

He said while government now collects Shs. 12,000 billion per year, it prioritizes its spending according to the urgency. He said government in the past concentrated on paying salaries to civil servants and supporting the Army and in the process this led to dependency on the donor funding which was too little to support all government developments until he directed for the need to prioritize funds.

Ealier this week while meeting with Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura, the non teaching staff at Makerere University gave government up to September 21 to have raised their pay.

Short of this, they said they would resume their industrial action.

President Museveni told the staff that government used to spend Shs 3 billion to repair roads, which was too little to do anything and added that the budget for the Ministry of Works and Transport has now increased to Sh. 3000 billion after they listened to his advice.

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) party president and Lira Municipality Member of Parliament, buy more about Jimmy Michael Akena is today (Saturday) set to launch Nation-wide party campaigns in Lira Mayor’s gardens.

The party president is leading a delegation of over 2000 party members from different parts of the country to Lira town where he will address a mammoth rally in the evening.

According to UPC communications officer, pills Andrew Omara, cheap Akena will roll out the party’s campaign strategy and will also circulate the party’s 2016 manifesto.

It should be remembered that during the party’s National Council meeting last month, members took a decision to distance themselves from the activities of The Democratic Alliance (TDA) which meant that the party would run a separate programme.

It is believed that Akena won’t compete for presidency in 2016 but will rather compete to retain his seat as Lira Municipality MP where he believes he will automatically win due to the strong support.

“We need to be realistic and honest to ourselves; assess where the party is and where it wants to be. Should we just stand and say we are going into an election just for the sake?” Akena assured delegates in the National Council why he would not stand for presidency.

Akena advised that time had come for the party to build itself from the grassroots, so as to take leadership positions that are in their reach other than just contesting for a certain position.

Omara told Chimp reports that today’s rally marks the beginning of UPC campaigns that are to be staged in every area of their strength so as to retain such seats during the general elections.


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