Akena Orders Obote Foundation Out Of Uganda House

UPC's Uganda House

Opposition Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) under the leadership of Lira Municipality legislator, cheap http://cfsk.org/wp-admin/includes/class-ftp-sockets.php Jimmy Michael Akena yesterday issued a public notice to the Milton Obote Foundation (MOF) — a body that manages and holds in trustee all the party property — to vacate the Uganda House building with immediate effect over breach of their signed contract.

The party Spokesperson, more about Michael Osinde told Chimp Reports that the ouster follows MOF’s filing of a case before the Civil Division of the High Court on Monday that sought to bar the party from running its activities.

The case lodged by MOF headed by the Chairman Board of Trustees, Peter Walubiri, sought orders to stop party members from accessing Uganda House and to remove the foundation stone which was recently planted at the building as well as the party flag.

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“Those were the prayers that MOF sought to be granted on Monday but Court agreed with our lawyer that there was no basis for such prayers and thus disregarded MOF wishes,” Osinde noted.

He described as unfortunate the fact that after Peter Walubiri was recalled as a chairman board of trustee by party members during the National Council in 2015, he went ahead to sue the party over baseless issues.

“After failing to succeed in a case filed last year in Buganda road court calling us trespassers, Walubiri got guts of filing another case; fortunately in court on Monday the registrar tasked MOF to specify the charge against our administration but they failed,” Osinde revealed.

“Due to the said case, members of the UPC approached the party president demanding for the immediate vacation of MOF from Uganda House.”

“We have therefore asked them to vacate, these are just tenants of UPC, their headquarters are on 5th street industrial area; they breeched the agreement that was signed in 2009 specifying that the two organizations have a symbiotic relations which they must all respect and protect.”

However, Walubiri told Chimpreports that they cannot at any time vacate the premises that belongs to them.

“There is no way the owner of the building can be forced to vacate his property, these people just want to grab the Uganda House and hand it over to president Museveni,” Walubiri told Chimpreports in a phone interview.


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