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AIGP Kaweesi to Head Police Public Relations and Rebranding Campaign

Police Spokesperson AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has appointed AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi as the new head of the police Public Relations Department as part of the rebranding campaign for the law and enforcement body.

He replaces Fred Enanga who was sent to China for a specialized course.

“Kaweesi has been supportive of the public relations department for a long time, thumb ” said deputy police spokesperson, order Polly Namaye who broke news at Monday’s police press conference.

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Kaweesi is the first officer at such a high rank to be appointed to the post usually occupied by Commissioners of Police.

Until his recent appointment, medicine Kaweesi was commander of Police Training School, Kabalye.

When the Buganda riots broke out in the central region, IGP Gen Kale Kayihura ordered Kaweesi to relocate to Kampala where he headed the Metropolitan police command.

He would later serve as police operations commander, a post that attracted unlimited media attention.

Insiders say Kaweesi would later fall out with Gen Kayihura over alleged rumour mongering and leaking information to the media.

“When I took you from being Director Operations to Human Resource Development, they wondered why we had fallen out. Many of those people especially at the headquarters (Naguru) were always whispering to each other and asking what you had done,” Gen Kayihura told Kaweesi on April 30 during the pass-out of over 500 officers from the UPDF and police force at the Non Commissioned Officers’ Academy in Jinja.


Speaking to the media today, Kaweesi expressed optimism about the rebranding exercise.

“This is a special assignment given to me on top of being the Director of the Human Resource Development,” said Kaweesi, adding, “All Public Relations Officers are under my management and supervision.”

He added: “This is a rebranding exercise aimed at having better connections with the public as we focus on streamlining the system of being cooperative and supportive of the public.”

The new head of the police public relations department asked for support from all stakeholders in a bid to make the force a better one.

The new development comes at a time when the police are under spotlight for highhandedness in dealing with political dissent which has tarnished their public reputation.

The State Minister for Internal Affairs Hon Obiga Mario Kania recently urged the police force that falls under his docket not to take in bad faith but rather accept the criticism from the public.

“It is not that the people don’t like you, they are only telling you the truth. You can’t say the mirror is bad and smash it. You should take public criticism in good faith,” Obiga said during a police pass out in Bwebajja recently.


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