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Ah! Dont Mind Them, They’re Just Ants: M7 Reassures UAE Tycoons

Museveni explaining about ants to the UAE delegation

When President Yoweri Museveni visited the United Arab Emirates late last year,  he was astounded by the vast wealth,  magnificent buildings and levels of development that the Arabian Gulf country had realized.

When he particularly toured the Sheik Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi during his December 2014 UAE visit, the president remarked; “What a magnificent mosque! May the memory of the builder be blessed for the vision he had, and the work he did…”

Two months later when a delegation from the same country visited Uganda, this afternoon, they too were dumbfounded; But this time by some obstinate ants creeping up the strongly fortified State House building in Entebbe.

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The delegation of government officials and top businessmen and women from the oil rich United Arab Emirates were hosted today by the president to a luncheon and discussed a number of bilateral issues.

Officials advise that the team led by the UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Reem Al Hashimy, is here on a three-day working visit.

But as they majestically walked up the vast lawns of the State House, the delegation was visibly astounded to behold some small brown pores popping up in the fresh grasses.

Emerging from one of the world’s most sickening hubs of wealth and splendor, the servants of Allah were suddenly face to face with these tiny creatures digging up holes in the president’s backyard.

Clearing glaring for the first time at the multiple ant halls and wondering how they could have made it to the big man’s residence,  Museveni, is seen laboring to explain what they are in the picture released by State house.



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