Agriculture Ministry to Deploy 1,600 Extension Workers

Community animal health workers help farmers with knowledge and skills in livestock treatment.

sick ‘sans-serif’; color: #222222;”>Minister of Agriculture, prescription Animal Husbandry and Industry Hon. Joy Kabatsi has revealed government plans to avail agricultural extension workers at the grass root level in a bid to enhance awareness on good practices. She said that at least 1,600 people are to be employed as extension workers in every sub county.

Hon Kabatsi made the remarks Wednesday while addressing journalists at the National Drug Authority (NDA) offices during a meeting about the national task force on ticks and tick borne diseases.

“I would like to note that the biggest problem of acaricides, ticks and tick borne diseases are mostly in the western region of the country that’s why we as a ministry are a signing at least 2 people in every sub county to help sensitize people on the skilled ways to deal with the problem” she said. 

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The extension workers will be able to monitor and have a hands-on experience with many farmers in their areas and also train them on how to use the medicines on the animals. They will further report to the Ministry how different medicines work on the animals.

The Ministry has appealed to farmers to buy drugs from only NDA licensed drug outlets and to provide information about anyone engaged in illegal trade in medicine. Kabatsi stressed that all drugs should have a stamp as verification to allow them on the market.


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