Age Limit: Rubanda MP Shouted Down at Funeral; Promises to Represent Locals’ Views

Prossy Akampurira the Rubanda woman MP together with Jogo Biryabareema the district chairman

Prosy Akampurira Begumisa, the Rubanda District Woman Member of Parliament was shouted down by her constituents; and blocked for minutes from addressing them at a funeral.

The locals accused her of supporting the Constitutional Amendment to remove the presidential Age Limit.

Akampurira faced the anger of the locals, when she stood up to speak at the burial of an elderly resident in Rwamunyora cell, Muko Sub County.

As soon as Akampurira begun speaking, to the mourners started shouting loudly and chanting the slogan Togikwatako —   a trendy warning “not to touch” Article 102 of the Constitution.

Some locals were heard saying that the decision to amend the constitution should be left them and not members of parliament.

It took the intervention of some leaders to cool down the mourners, and the MP was called back to address them.

In her speech, Hon Akampurira denied openly supporting the embedment, saying that all along she was waiting to hear what her people have to say on the matter.

 “Now that you have expressed your concerns, I am assuring you that I will take them to parliament,” she said.

Eng. Denis Sabiti the Rubanda County West MP (NRM) recently came out to oppose the removal of the Presidential Age Limit.

The other MP Henry Ariganyira Musasizi (Rubanda East) has not yet committed himself to either side.



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