Age Limit: Opposition Rule Out Truce With “NRM Children”

FDC Spokesperson Ibrahim Semujju Nganda
Ibrahim Semujju Nganda says they are not going to sit for talks with NRM MPs

Opposition Members of Parliament have ruled out the possibility of sitting for talks with their NRM counterparts on the other side of the isle, to discuss ending of hostilities over the controversial age limit constitutional amendment.

The NRM parliamentary leadership also says they are not eager to approach the opposition for talks because they are insignificant in terms of numbers.

Opposition whip Semujju Nganda said on the weekend that talking to the NRM MPs who he described as “reckless little children” and “cheerleaders” would be a waste of time.

Nganda says the opposition wants to talk to only one man – President Yoweri Museveni.

“Him alone can help this country; no one should ask us to speak to (NRM Chief Whip Ruth) Nankabirwa,” he said.

“We need to speak to the man himself,” Nganda said. “You cannot speak to the conveyor belt when your luggage has delayed. You speak to people who put the luggage on the conveyor belt,” Nganda reiterated, implying that NRM MPs supporting the Age Limit removal are relaying the wishes of President Museveni.

“This is what has happened almost everywhere; In Ghana they spoke to (Former President) Jerry Rowlings; in Tanzania it was Nyerere alone who determined the course of that country.”

The  FDC spokesperson acknowledged that the opposition have no numbers in parliament, but said trying to debate with NRM MPs would be hopeless.

 “We are powerless, I must admit,” he said. “But we need to get a person who can speak to the very person who runs the show.”

Government Chief Whip Nankabirwa says her side is open for talks with the opposition on the contentious amendment, but says the opposition need to make the first move because they are few.

While responding to Nganda as the two featured on the weekly Capital Gang show, Nankwabirwa retorted, “I accept that I am a conveyor belt; but it seems that this conveyor belt is very important. That is why Nganda keeps referring to this ‘mere conveyor belt.’”


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