Age Limit: Museveni Set to Meet Opposition Political Party Leaders

IPOD Chairman Richard Todwong addressing media at the DP offices in Kampala

Political parties under the Inter-party Platform for Dialogue (IPOD), chaired  currently by the National Resistance Movement (NRM) on Monday held a meeting at the Democratic Party Headquarters in Kampala to deliberate on the issues at hand.

The meeting hosted by the DP party president, Norbert Mao was chaired by the NRM Deputy Secretary General, Richard Todwong and attended by NRM’s James Tweheyo, UPC’s Fred Ebil and Lawrence Okae, FDC’s Harold Kaija and DP’s Gerald Siranda.

The meeting among others discussed the need to come out with a common ground on the age limit debate and create a leveled ground to allow all political parties in the country to carry out their activities without interference.

“We condemn the acts that transpired in Parliament last week and as IPOD. We shall come out with a statement to that effect; we condemn violence at whatever level, we believe that matters of the nation should be amicably addressed,” noted the IPOD Council Chairman, Richard Todwong.

Todwong said IPOD will be holding a series of meetings aimed at coming up with a collective position on the current debate on removing the Presidential age limit, which position will be communicated.

 “We stand for dialogue, peace and party to party engagement; we believe when we intensify this kind of engagement, all issues that require our engagement at all levels, all matters shall be resolved peacefully and amicably for the benefit of all Ugandans,” Todwong noted.

Todwong announced at the press address that the next IPOD meeting will be with President and chairman of the NRM, Yoweri Museveni, and that at the end they would draft a report as IPOD to share with the summit.

Commenting on yesterday’s meeting, the DP party president, Norbert Mao said, “Even when we have very strong bones of contention, we should not close the door to talks; even at the height of the Second World War, worrying parties still maintained diplomats.”


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