AGE LIMIT: Locals Grab Microphone from MP Amule

MP Doreen Amule

Celebrations to mark Uganda’s 55th Independence anniversary in Amolatar on Monday turned chaotic after residents grabbed a microphone from District Woman MP Doreen Amule for supporting the lifting of the presidential age limit.

The celebrations at Amolatar Boma Grounds were going on normally until the LC5 vice chairperson, Mr Geoffrey Ocen, in his speech, warned MPs hailing from the district against lifting the age limit.

Quoting the book of Numbers 8:4-26, where God told Moses to enroll into his service people aged 25 years who would later retire at 50 years, Ocen said pro-age limit MPs risked being thrown out of the House in the 2021 parliamentary poll if they don’t listen to voters on the matter.

Whereas the statement was greeted with cheers from the crowd, it did not please MP Amule who was in attendance.

She rose up and took the podium, asking why Pope Francis is still leading the Catholic Church yet he is over 80 years old.

“President Museveni should also be given an opportunity to lead the country,” Amule said.

However, this evoked jeers and boos from the crowd with some angry residents dashing to the podium and grabbing the microphone from her.

The LC5 vice chairperson then Mr Ocen, however, came to her rescue.

The district sports officer, Mr Serafine Awany, who was at the celebrations, said the angry residents wanted to lynch the MP.

“I was with her. I saved her life,” said Mr Awany.

“Because of this age limit thing, Ms Amule has lost respect from the people. Her life is now very difficult and she cannot now mingle well with the population. In fact, her home is now being guarded by both the army and the police,” Mr Awany said on phone.

When contacted, Ms Amule attempted to downplay the incident, saying: “I’m still here in Amolatar enjoying my meat. I may not be able to discuss everything on phone. Why don’t you travel to Amolatar and see by yourself?”


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