Age Limit Co-Architect Denies Bribing MPs

Dokolo North Member of Parliament Hon. Paul Amoru Omiat

The seconder of the controversial age limit Bill and Dokolo North MP Paul Amoru Omiat who is also said to be the co-architect of the Bill has denied bribing Members of Parliament with sugar and money to vote in its favor. Kilak North County MP, information pills Anthony Akol on Thursday told journalists that Amoru and Eng. Sekitoleko Kafeero who represents Nakifuma County in Parliament invited 27 MPs to Jinja where each legislator later received a sack of sugar and a Shs 1m envelope to back the new constitutional amendments.

In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports on Saturday morning, Amoru denied being part of the bribery as well as having been to Jinja since the Bill was introduced or even privately met Mr. Akol.

“That is a very strange allegation from my colleague. I don’t think Hon. Akol knows me physically because I have never met him in any private forum or even traveled to Jinja, ” Amoru said.

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Amoru went on to say he strongly supports the Bill and is positive that the majority of his colleagues in the house are going to support it and therefore no need to bribe anyone.

“My intentions and support for the Bill are clear. We already have more and more MPs backing us. There is no slight plan to use unnecessary means to woo members to our side,” he added.

He stressed that Akol made deliberate lies and should “repent” since it is against the religious values.

“If Akol is a Christian like myself, he should repent. Deception is not part of Christianity and Akol ought to know it very well.”

Much as Amoru is holding Akol’s allegation as untrue, the opposition said they have evidence of bribery including the sacks of 50 kilograms of sugar and the money to present on the floor of Parliament the day the house resumes.

The shadow (opposition) Attorney General, Wilfred Niwagaba who was together with Akol during the press briefing at Parliament, stated that the above items are in their “safe custody”.

“The items used by unscrupulous forces to bribe MPs including three from the opposition side, are with us waiting the next sitting of Parliament. We shall present them in the plenary,” Niwagaba who also
represents Ndorwa East in Kabale district said.


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