Age Limit Bill: Ssekitoleko Concedes Defeat

MP Ssekotoleko Kafeero is said to be behind the the refurbished Age limit Bill

Nakifuma Member of Parliament (MP), here Robert Kafero Sekitoleko has conceded defeat from the opposition members who have fought his age limit bill until it was thrown out by the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

Speaking to Chimpreports on Wednesday after the defeat at Parliament, purchase Sekitoleko noted that he feels he has not lost but rather achieved after his bill was deferred to the executive for further review.

“This is been a very historical moment, for the very first time, a matter has been a deferred subject to a comprehensive package to be spearheaded by the executive to amend the Constitution as required by our rules of procedures,” Sekitoleko remarked.

“I think this is all Ugandans have been waiting for, for a very long time. My colleagues have expressed interest in bringing various amendments to various articles so they argued that if we allow the Hon. Sekitoleko to bring this piece mill amendments, it will provoke others to begin bringing more amendments,” Sekitoleko said.

MP Ssekitoleko chatting with other members after the session

MP Ssekitoleko chatting with other members after the session

He observed that, “One member actually noted that he has 9 amendments that he would like to be tabled, we realize that doing it piece mill will cost us a lot of time.”

“I am happy with the Speakers’ guidance that the matter be deferred subject to comprehensive package spearheaded by government on condition that the content of my motion will be part and partial of the comprehensive package by government.”

“I also demand that a time limit is given to government to come up with a comprehensive package because failure to that, the amendment might take ages.”

However, in the Speaker’s wise ruling, the amendment bill was deferred indefinitely revealing that there is no need to rush into such amendments.


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