Age-Limit Bill Returns to Parliament Today

Parliament on the stand still

The formal controversial age limit amendment Bill is going to be tabled on the floor of Parliament today for the first reading in the absence of opposition members.

The Igara West county MP, Raphael Magyezi was on Tuesday given green light to introduce the Bill which seeks to scrap the restricted presidential age limit from the Constitution.

The Bill has four prayers that are going to affect 5 articles in the Constitution according to its contents that emerged on Tuesday afternoon.

The first prayer is looking at article 61, “(a) to provide for the time within which to hold presidential, parliamentary and local government council elections under article 61”.

The second prayer, seen as the main aim of the Bill, is about the eligibility of aspirants for president and district chairpersons.

“(b) To provide for eligibility requirements for a person to be elected as President or District Chairperson under articles 102 (b) and 183 (2)(b).”

The current article 102 (b) restricts anyone above 75 years of age from standing as president. Article 183 (2) (b) also restricts someone below 30 years from standing as the district chairperson.

The Bill wants the current 10 days required for dissatisfied presidential aspirants to file petition be increased to at least 20 days.

“(c) to increase the number of days within which to file and determine a presidential election petition under 104 (2) and (3).”

The Bill also wants the current 60 days required for the Electoral Commission to hold fresh elections in case of election nullification to be increased.

“(d) To increase the number of days within which the Electoral Commission is required to hold a fresh elections where a presidential election is annulled under article 104 (6) and other related matters.”

The Speaker is expected to refer the Bill to the Legal committee after the first reading.

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