Africell Customers Win Big In Valentine Day “Call & Win” Promo

By: President Yoweri Museveni

The NRM has always been a revolutionary organization, hospital medical aiming at four principles: patriotism (non-sectarianism and no gender chauvinism), Pan-Africanism, social-economic transformation and democracy.

We started by conducting, successfully, two wars of resistance (1971-79 and 1981-86). We won those wars because we had a correct ideology, strategy and a just cause.

Since 1986 we have successfully defended the revolution against a whole spectrum of counter-revolutionaries and terrorists, many sponsored by external forces.

We, therefore, as in the resistance wars, used bullets to successfully defend the Revolution.

Since we were in the open society by this time, we had also, through democracy, to defend the Revolution using ballots.

In the election for the CA (1993), the General Elections of 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011, the people, working with the NRM, successfully defended the Revolution.

Even in the present exercise, again, the people of Uganda, so many petty contradictions notwithstanding, have stood with the NRM to defend the Revolution.

We have won a resounding victory of about 65% in the Presidential elections and 282 NRM MPs elected.

We have delivered a knock-out in spite of the evil-minded falsehoods and demagoguery of the opposition.

I say 65% because many of the 455,175 invalid votes were NRM votes. How did I know this? I knew this because at Mafudu, the Late Wapa’s place, my young brother Mbabazi beat me by 5 votes.

Yet 45 invalid votes were all mine. How were they invalid? It was because my supporters ticked on the symbol (the bus) or even on the candidate.

The intention of the voter would be clear. This was due to not sensitizing our agents and even the election officials.

This ended up taking away about 5% of our votes. This, however, is not a new phenomenon.

Even in the past elections, we got these types of losses for NRM, probably not on the same magnitude.

Without this organizational weakness, our vote should be around 65% for the President in this week’s vote.

Even then, that should not have been the vote we should have got given the work NRM has done, especially in the area of infrastructure (roads, electricity, schools, health centers, piped water, etc.) and also in the area of peace and security.

We should have got 80% in my opinion.

However, that potential high score was undermined by some mistakes of some of our leaders.

One long standing mistake has been poor supervision of government services e.g. health care and the stealing of drugs from health centres.

Wherever I went during the campaigns, the youthful population of our children and grand-children was complaining about this – stealing of drugs by health workers, absenteeism by the same workers, negligence and even asking for bribes.

In Kassanda Health Centre, these accusations were confirmed when I sent, subsequently, an investigation team.

We were about to arrest the health workers but the public forgave them. This is all due to poor supervision by both the technical staff (PS, CAO, Gombolola Chief, Town Clerk, etc.) and also by the political class.

Why should it be difficult to check on the drugs even by the political class in the area? The argument that health workers are poorly paid is nonsensical because the workers in private hospitals are paid less than in government hospitals. Yet they work efficiently. This irritates the public a lot in spite of their support for the NRM. Dr. Diana Atwiine’s Unit has arrested 227 health workers.

The problem, however, is the leniency of the Courts. They release these people. I have talked to the Chief Justice about this.

The other contradiction within the NRM was on account of the Primaries. There was a lot of alleged rigging by some of the actors.

To compound this problem, our Electoral Commission did not get time to exhaustively investigate and rectify these allegations.

Sometimes, it would involve the misuse of the security forces or bias by the RDCs. I, personally, investigated two situations and provided some remedy which stabilized the political situation in the two areas.

One situation was Kanungu (especially Kinkizi West) and the other situation was in Bukono Constituency of Namutumba.

In Kanungu, it was clear that the Primaries’ results of the MP candidate for Kinkizi West and the LCV Chairperson had been altered in favour of other people because the winners were thought to be “pro-Mbabazi”.

This was very wrong. How were they “pro-Mbabazi”? The allegation was that during the day, they are pro-NRM but during the night they are pro-Mbabazi.

Even if that was the case, this was not the correct way to handle it. The correct way would have been to patiently investigate these allegations and, if confirmed, discipline those leader
Africell Uganda in partnership with Vision Group Radios has rewarded winners in the Valentine Day Cash & Win promotion with cash prizes.

The promotion launched on 7 February and ran up to Valentine Day had over 144 Africell customers win cash to the tune of Shs 20, buy information pills 000, medical 000.

The promotion was the biggest ever Valentine day promotion in Uganda where customers could simultaneously earn cash by calling Vision Group area radio stations across the country.

Dubbed “call and win”, illness the promotion had winners from all corners of the country win amounts from Shs 50,000 up to Shs 500,000.

The lucky winners on Friday walked away with their cash prizes for the winners who bagged over Shs 500,000 and above.

Besides these winners, over 100 other winners earned themselves Shs 50,000 which was transferred to their secure and reliable Africell Money accounts.

For Valentine Day, for every 30 minutes, 850,000 shillings was up for grabs with the first caller winning Shs 500,000; second caller Shs 150,000 and 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th callers each wining Shs 50,000. This promotion was only for Africell registered subscribers who had to call the set 102 studio line using their Africell numbers. Over 1m calls were made in a bid to win the cash in just 8 hours.


Africell further announced another promotion that will see subscribers win up to Shs 200million across the country.

Customers will also have a chance to win other goodies including merchandise, airtime, data and phones.

The innovative telecom brand from mid last year been engaged in customer reward schemes from affordable call and data tariffs as low as Shs 0.5 per second to instant cash prizes in their famed Cash Machine where customers had a chance at walking away with Shs 2m cash.

Africell currently have the cheapest voice and data bundles; free talk plans, the longest internet bundles and the most reliable 4G LTE with incredible super speeds and was ranked Uganda’s leading telecom with the fastest data speeds.


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