Afcon 2017: Gabon Travel Guide for Fans

Rwandair is one of the carriers going from Entebbe to Gabon

As the days close in to the much anticipated Africa cup of Nations (Afcon 2017) tournament, more about it wouldn’t be a surprise if many questions are starting to pile from especially the fans.

The tournament which is slated to commence on January 14th in the West African State of Gabon will end on February 5th 2017 with the crowning of the champions.

For many visitors travelling to watch the games, viagra order this will probably be their first time in the country.

Some may have heard about Gabon while others may have only the vaguest of ideas about what lies ahead.

As a fair democracy, Gabon has come a long way, and over the past five decades, the country has slowly developed into a popular destination for travel. So aside from the footballing action, there is a lot to discover in the former French Protectorate.

Its four major cities of Libreville, Port-Gentil, Franceville and Oyem where the games will be hosted each offer visitors a wealth of attractions, culture and highlights that make it a fascinating and rewarding place for visitors.


Gabon has 10 airports distributed evenly across the country, with the main international Airport (Libreville International Airport) located in the North-Western Coastal city (Libreville) which also happens to be the country’s capital City.

A number of international carriers including Rwandair, South African Airways, Turkish airlines, Air France, national carrier, Nationale Regionale Transport among others make daily trips, within and outside Gabon.

There are also Freight and hiring airline companies including Afrijet, Nouvelle Air Affaires Gabon and Sky Gabon which provide private flights.

For visitors travelling from Uganda, there are no direct flights from Entebbe to Gabon but a number of carriers including Rwandair, South African Airways, Ethiopian Airways would get you to the destination although with a few stopovers.


Some countries are exempted from visas under bilateral agreements with Gabonese government while others have to pay before being allowed entry.

Visitors to Gabon can acquire Visas from the different Gabonese embassies and consulates with in their home or neighbouring countries.

Gabon however has no embassy in Uganda. Ugandans and other nationals without embassies can acquire visas on arrival at Libreville although one would need to apply 72 hours before arrival.

Single Entry visas for 1 to 3 months will cost about 100 USD while multiple entry visas for 6 months will cost about 200 USD.

Gabon Aside from Football

With many myths and misconceptions surrounding Gabon, It can be hard for one to tell exactly what to expect, but we sample a few areas in the different host cities that could be of interest away from the games.


Located on the coast line and being the Gabonese capitial, the city has lots of interesting features including beaches, architectural buildings, casinos, churches and religious centres, art museums, sports arenas among many others.

The town will host most of the matches of Group A which is composed of hosts Gabon, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon and Burkina Faso.

The city is also going to host some of the semifinal and quarter final games before hosting the finals that will determine the year’s champions.

Libreville has a variety of hotels that can accommodate both high profile and budget visitors.

Port Gentil

The Western coastal city will host most the Group D games where Uganda Cranes is pooled, except the final game between Cranes and Mali which will take place in the Northern city of Oyem.

In Port Gentil, visitors can take a tour with Makaira sportfishing adventure, enjoy soothing boatrides and swimming on the Atlantic ocean.

The various beaches, bars, and religious centres would also be of interest to visitors.


Located in the South Eastern Part of Gabon, Franceville will host Group B which includes favorites Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal and Zimbabwe.

The games will be played in Stade de Franceville (Franceville Stadium) except for the final game between Zimbabwe and Tunisia which will take place in Libreville.

While in Franceville, visitors can take a trip to the military museums in Merville. The museum has intact bunkers filled with collectables from the invasion of Gabon. The site has signage that tells the story of how the attack was planned and executed. Expect to spend at least 2 hours here.

Oyem City

The city will host Uganda Cranes’ last group game against Mali and most of the Group C games.

Group C is made up of Defending Champions, Ivory Coast, Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco and Togo.

Located in the Northern part of the country, Oyem city is ideal for evening walks. On a walk through the city, a visitor will get a glimpse of the best architectural buildings.

Night life in Oyem city is also one thing to look out for especially in this game time.


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