Afcon 2017: Cranes Set for Comoros Duel

Cranes during the last training before the match in Comoros

Ramsey Tokunbo Nouah Jr or Ramsey Noah as many of us love to call him, sildenafil is among those people that have brought Nollywood, here the Nigerian film industry to where he it is now.

The award winning Nigerian-Israeli actor clearly introduced Ugandans and most of Africa to Nigerian Movies, order and together with a few other actors and actresses he became a household name.

On Friday afternoon Chimpreports’ Sam Waswa caught up with him on the sidelines of the ongoing MutiChoice’s ‘Only the Best’ Content show extravaganza in Mauritius, where he chatted us though his acting career.

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It’s when you are chatting with Ramsey that you realize he is not actually that innocent ‘Lover Boy’ that he portrays in most of his films. In real life the 45 year old actor is actually chatty, very assertive and proud we realized. [That’s what what acting is all about after all, isn’t it?]:

You’ve been acting since the 1990s, would you now consider yourself at the epitome of your career?

No, I wouldn’t [Chuckling]. I haven’t gotten there yet. It’s going to take a while; and it’s my passion so I am gonna be here for a while. I may be in the background making movies by I will be here.

What’s like the best thing you have grabbed out of acting?

Uhhhh, honestly it’s difficult to tell. I think may be the love I get around; the showering of affection. People show you so much love and they see you like wow, Ramsey we appreciate you, we love what you do… I think that is the best – the fact that people still love you. Sometimes you are out there in filmmaking and they are like oh, where have you been? We missed you! I don’t think anything could be better or bigger than that.

Do you ever consider actualizing the things you have achieved in acting, by perhaps becoming a politician?

I don’t know how to be political; I am not diplomatic like that. I am a very straight forward person. White is white, black is black for me.  I don’t think I can combine words or do sweet talking like politicians do.

May be my colleague Desmond Elliot; he is now the representative of the Surulere Constituency in the Lagos State House, and he is doing well. He has considerably involved Nollywood in all the talks he’s had and called us to do some discourse on how to push it forward.

What’s the best movie you’ve featured in?

Oh, they are so many that I have been in. I have a few that I really like, but my best is yet to come. There is ‘Dangerous twins,’ ‘The Figurine,’ I also liked ‘My Love’ [Laughs], Power of love, and in the contemporary ones I like ‘30 Days in Atlanta,’ ‘Tempting Faith,’ they are many.

How important is it for an actor to make a transition to become like a director or a producer? Is it a natural progression?

It is, and the reason is because most actors are not getting their worth especially in Nigeria – I don’t know about Africa. They realize that if they make their own movies they would be bagging so much more, than having to wait for producers to pay them.

What’s the minimum cost for a Nigerian Movie?

It depends; if you are talking about straight from production to DVDs it’s about 4million Naira which is about $20,000.

I have been watching a lot of Nollywood Movies on Youtube and one thing is vivid that the content is now becoming more and more adult oriented; the language is getting harder and there’s lots of nudity. How is your local and may be the African market receiving this?

I honestly don’t know how to approach that. But as a filmmaker you shouldn’t be bothered by the moral ethics. We tend to want to look into that as Africans, like there are lines we shouldn’t cross because morally it is not right for us. But if you go and study film and cinema, you’ll realize that you should be devoid of any of that if you want to be a cinematographer. You don’t allow your moral ethics to affect your professionalism.

Back in time, some people, like in Bollywood they wouldn’t kiss; you wouldn’t see them going deep into the romantic part, but these days they are breaking grounds and they are kissing. At some point in time you allow certain things flow – if you understand what I am saying – rather than being bound by religion or parents or culture. The truth is we are in a new phase, it’s a new generation; it’s a new kind of people, different from our parents and forefathers. That was their generation and this is ours.

Have you been to Uganda before?

Unfortunately not.

Well in Uganda our movie industry is still budding, but we have been having collaborations with people from Bollywood and Hollywood. Have you people been doing the same with other countries with smaller movie industries? I see you do this a lot with Ghana.

You see Ghana is a close neighbor. Uganda unfortunately isn’t. It is east. Likewise, the break though has to be from you; because that’s what Ghana did. Ghana latched onto Nollywood because Nollywood was established. They came and did a couple of collabos with us and used that to popularize themselves, to grow their market and they became independent.

You will have to do likewise. Nollywood will not come looking for you because we are already established. You are a budding industry and you need us to grow and be able to create your own actors and directors and producers.

Hollywood don’t need us. We went looking for them. That’s how this business works. I will not say I wanna make a movie right now and I start considering partnering with Uganda, because its gonna cost me extra on my budget, you know, having to look for actors and flying to Uganda. You have to think about the marketing strategy and how it will work out.




Uganda Cranes will resume their 37-year long quest for an appearance to the Africa cup of Nations with a tough away fixture in Comoros.

Latest Fifa rankings put Uganda at the 71st position globally, a whooping 119 places above their Saturday’s hosts but Head coach Milutin ‘Micho’ believes the rankings are simply not correlated with the crucial tie.

“Uganda is far better than Comoros in Fifa standing, side effects but Comoros players are exposed to better playing environment than most of our players. Nineteen of them just flew back to the country from France, dosage ” Micho said.

Comoros has not won a competitive match since 2009 when they beat fellow islanders Sychelles while Uganda beat Botswana in the opening group D qualifier by 2-0 in Kampala. Comoros fell to the same margin in Burkina Faso.

“This match is very crucial to us and we are well prepared. The players know what is required of them. We must win early games to avoid last minute disappointments,” coach Micho emphasized.

Probable Lineup:

Experienced custodian Dennis Onyango will mosy likely start in between the sticks. Dennis Iguma and Godfrey Walusimbi are expected to man the wings as Isaac Isinde and Richard Kassaga sit in the heart of the defence. Gormahia’s in-form Khalid Aucho and veteran midfielder Tonny Mawejje will shield the defence as Farouk Miya, Luwagga Kizito and Joseph Ocaya provide the much needed attacking power. Massa will be the lead striker.

XI: Denis Onyango, Denis Iguma, Richard Kasagga, Isaac Isinde, Godfrey Walusimbi, Tonny Mawejje, Khalid Aucho, Joseph Ocaya, Luwaga Kizito, Farouk Miya, Geoffrey Massa.

Comoros Squad:

GK:Salim Ben Boina (Consolat Marseille, France 2nd division), Volonjara Salimo (FC Fomboni,Comoros Premier) and Said Halifa (Steal New Sima, Comoros premier)

Defenders: Ibrahim Rachidi (Marseille Consolat,National France), SalimMramboini (MarseilleConsolat, National France), Chaker Alhadhur(Caen – L1 France), Kassim Ahamada (AS Beauvais, CFA France), Omar Mdahoma (Aubagne FC CFA2 France), Djamaldine Bounou (Coast blue, DH France)

Midfielders: Nadjim Abdou (Millwall, D3 Anglettere), Fouad Bachirou (Östersunds FK, D2 Sweden), Youssouf Mohamed (FC Veria, Greece D1), Youssouf M’Changama (Consolat Marseille, France National), Alhadhur Attoumane (Volcan Club de Moroni, Comoros D1), Fouad Rachidi (CS Fola, D1 Luxemburg), Faouz Faidine (FC Fomboni, Comoros D1)


Strikers: Ahmed Mogni (Paris FC France L2), Ali M’Madi (Grenoble Foot 38, CFA France), Mohamed M’Changama (Les Herbiers, France National), Nasser Chamed (Nimes, France L2), Youssouf Ahamadi (Belfort, France National), Yacine Saandi (FC St Denis, Reunion D2), Issa Nazarali (Cercle de Joachim, D1 Maurice).


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