Acholi Culture Hailed for Protection of Women Rights

Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda has called upon Ugandans to reconsider cultural rights and norms as a form of solving conflicts in society.

The Foundation Deputy Executive Director Barbra Babwetera Mutambi made the call during the launch of the Women, tadalafil Culture and Rights in Acholi Report which was aimed at studying the role of the Acholi culture in promoting women rights.

“Everyone thinks that women’s rights are a creation of the statutory laws in the country; however research study carried out on the Acholi community proved that before the introduction of the statutory law that came with colonization, look different tribes and cultures of Uganda had the whole concept of rights,” Babwetera said.

“Often times when the laws are being disseminated in the communities, people and especially men have a tendency of saying that these rights are a make-up of the elite women which the study has disproved.”

Babwetera observed that the issue of violation keeps coming in as the research revealed but is more to do with an individual character and not the absence of rights stipulated by the culture.

“We found out that the Acholi culture is rich in terms of protection for the rights of women;  for example, women have property rights and traditionally whether they are married or not. When it comes to issues of land, customary land doesn’t belong to a man or woman but belongs to the future generation though held in trust by the clan heads,” Babwetera noted.

She further explained that, “When it comes to land access and user rights everyone has user rights but they are being abused by people manipulating culture through exalting men.”

Babwetera remarked that since the result of research have proved that women rights actually existed even before the western laws, these should be used to solve many conflicts within society.



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