Absence Of Agriculture Extension Workers Affects OWC Program

Kabarole District Chairman Richard Rwabuhinga

Kabarole leaders have resolved to petition government demanding for the countrywide recruitment of the agriculture extension workers at sub county level following the poor performance of the Operation Wealth Creation (OWC) Program in the district.

Mid 2014 president Museveni suspended the National Agricultural Advisory Serves (NAADS) over mismanagement of the program funds and replaced it with Operation Wealth Creation, approved trusting that the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) would efficiently oversee the distribution and supervision of the technologies.

During the district stakeholders review meeting held at Kitumba district headquarters on Tuesday, the leaders observed that OWC has failed to make impact due to lack of the agriculture extension workers to educate farmers on improved methods of farming and disease control.

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The district chairperson Mr.Rwabuhinga Richard recalled that NAADS program had created impact among the framers, improving household income and standards of living.

He noted however, “Three years after the inception of OWC, the impact of this program is becoming invisible due to lack of agriculture extension workers to educate farmers. We’re going to demand government to have a national wide recruitment of agriculture extension staff to run the program effectively”.

Kyaligonza John, the LC3 chairman Kabonero said, “Government should give priority the recruitment of the extension workers. Many animals given to famers are dying because of lack of technical advice on treatment and care”.

“ If the program had the extension staff to monitor and evaluate its performance, the suppliers and UPDF officials would not be dumping the technologies at Sub County without  the sub county leaders consent, “.

The deputy RDC Mrs Rose Monday Byabasaija called for strengthening of coordination and team up by all the leaders if the program is to yield fruits of wealth creation and household income improvement.

Among other recommendations, the leaders said the NAADS secretariat should fund the annual review stakeholders meetings, plan for monitoring and operational costs for sub county leaders and technocrats have improved coordination at all levels, engage the sub county authorities in distribution of items, timely delivery of items and early preparation of farmers.



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