A Technical Mistake Threatens Dissolution of Kabale Municipality Council

Kabale Mayor Sentaro Byamugisha receives instruments of power from  town clerk Charles Magumba

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha, information pills the Kabale Municipality Mayor and his 26 Councillors are on the risk of losing their seats over failure to write declarations after taking oaths of office.

The mayor and the Councillors are being sued by the Town Clerk Joseph Kimbowa, story for failure to submit written declarations to him after taking oaths, which is against the Local Government Act’s Section 2 (b); The Local Council regulations and also to Standard rules of procedure for local government councils R.2 (4)

A council member is required under these laws to write a declaration to the town clerk accepting the office in the council.

Before this, they are not allowed to hold any votes or involve in any council business.

The Kabale Councillors are also under fire, following reports that in a recent meeting under Minute 21, they discussed and made resolutions concerning the sale of the Municipality Yard.

The council on 25th May 2017 advertised in New Vision the sale of the yard located on Plot 11-17 on Mbarara Road.

This transpired according to critics, with no details concerning the disposal of government assets such government evaluation report, and there is no evidence that there is a new place which infrastructure in the yard has been allocated.

The Town Clerk in a statement though his lawyers said, “It is clear that the councillors have not written declaration. Any decision taken by them is fatally defective.

“So, with whom did you make the decision to sell public land, wherefore, unless you use the right channels, we shall be left with no option but to sue you personally and possibly jointly as the council. Take notice that unless you withdraw the advert in writing and by the same media within 7 (seven) days we shall   be left with no option but to unleash the legal machinery.”

When contacted, Mayor Byamugisha expressed doubt about the seriousness of the matter; noting that names of the person who is supposedly suing them is not the letter.

He went on to explain that the decision to sell the council year was made in good faith and that it will be turned into a cemetery.

“We are very ready to face them as council as well as personally…and we shall defeat them,” he said.



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