A Tale of a Mukono Midwife Who Used to Deliver Mothers on Lanterns

By: Solomon Businge

A journey of over 60Km away from Kampala that started with skepticism, viagra 40mg surprisingly, discount culminated into one of the most touching, treat inspiring stories one could hear on a Thursday afternoon.

Miss Margaret Katerega, an enrolled senior Midwife at Mpunge health center, until last week, delivered tens of mothers on a paraffin-powered lantern.

“Initially I was using lanterns, the situation was really bad. Mothers even feared coming here at night, because they weren’t sure whether they’d deliver safely in darkness,” Miss Margaret told ChimpReports during the commissioning of a new block at the heath center.

“That blood is so thick, I found it really hard to mop it in darkness,” she said.

“Sometimes a kid’s head would come out the lantern runs out of paraffin; this was a matter of life and death.”

Jimmy Kisaali, a senior clinical officer takes SunTap officials around the hospital.

Jimmy Kisaali, a senior clinical officer takes SunTap officials around the hospital.

With mothers crossing from as far as Nsazi island, which is way out of eyesight from this health facility, Miss Margaret kept going even though her job was done in serious jeopardy.

Mpunge Health center III, for starters, is a few kilometers from Mpunge trading center, located along the newly constructed Katosi road.

It was until last week when Sun Tap Uganda (a solar solutions provider) after a contract with donors from Poland installed a state of the art system at the facility.

Powering over 37 lights, a microscope, and a few computers, the system changed the situation at the center.

“Ever since Suntap installed this system, I receive 15-20 mothers every day and they deliver safely,” Margaret told ChimpReports.

“Initially I could get 1-2 mothers in a day, and those had alternative health facility,” she said.

Speaking at the commissioning on Thursday afternoon, Ms. Esther Katete the Marketing Manager, SunTap Uganda noted that the company took on the project because it has potential to benefit a lot of people.

“At SunTap, our mission is to promote use of renewable energy solutions for improved living conditions. We are here today because, we believe people deserve to live in the best conditions of life to achieve their full potential. With this energy solution, this health center will go a long way in providing the people of this area with the best medical services all day all night and for us, that is a milestone reached,”Katete said.


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