A Patriot’s Open Letter to President Museveni – Part II

By: Boaz Byayesu

Mr. president, visit this site  while I thank you so much as we celebrate the registered achievements and accomplishments of your great leadership as enumerated below, here  I humbly ask you to retire peacefully and democratically and pave the way for democracy which is the determining factor among all the seeds of the great revolutionary movement.


Mr. President, story you fought the politics of divide and rule, and you initially had ridden Uganda of its chronic syndromes that caused the Ugandan social decadence. These are: tribalism, sectarianism, nepotism, religious divisions, hate campaign, greed and graft, mafia practices and mafuta mengi economics, abrogation of the constitutions, famine and disease like HIV/AIDS and many other obstacles of growth, development and democracy. You were able to energize Ugandans to adopt a uniform school of thought and be able to realize a common cause as a nation.

You instituted democratic mechanisms and drafted policies that ensured transparency through an open criticism policy that started with the army leadership through its representative organs like the army council and the high command. This act paved the way for an accountable leadership as it challenged other state institutions to do the same so as to encourage and promote accountability.

You opened up avenues of justice and freedom and other fundamentals of democracy in the Ugandan society for the first time in the history of the country.

As a result, the Ugandan citizens gradually realized that their common enemy was social divide caused by corrupt and propagandist leadership characterized by tribalism and divisive politics. As you know even better than me, Mr. President, partisan politics has its catastrophic consequences in any society especially in Africa where it has lots of scars and fresh wounds due to ceaseless social assault.


Mr. President, you decisively offered all you could within your power and means to liberate and stabilize some countries in the great lakes region like Rwanda and Burundi which are now members of the East African community.

You dedicatedly supported the liberation struggle of Rwanda and finally, the decades-long exterminated and exiled Rwandans liberated their motherland, and found a place they can call home. In the aftermath of the ugly Kisangani clashes caused by some grave operational mistakes, you, as usual, summoned courage of forgiveness and tolerance and you chose wisdom over destructive anger to mend fences with president Paul Kagame hence the cordial relations and the much desired results between the two inseparable sister nations with a long and strong, binding history.

You also teamed up with Nelson Mandela to find a lasting solution to the problem of Burundi until recently when president Nkurunziza refused to yield to the demands and aspirations of the people for a democratic transition of leadership that would shape the political destiny of the conflict-stricken great lakes nation.

With your resolve to contribute efforts that have caused some impact on the liberation struggles of Africa, you have used every possible means to liberate Southern Sudan since Col. John Garang’s days. And despite the ongoing clashes caused by the internal political differences, the people of South Sudan are finally liberated with a country called theirs now, South Sudan.

You further dedicated yourself to the cause of freedom and liberation of Somalia that has been totally consumed up by terror, crime and acrimony hence a state of statelessness and hopelessness in that terror-dented country. A long-forgotten country referred to as a failed and dumped state belonging to the impossible and unruly people, Somalia is now stabilizing as the gun smoke and powder are settling.

Thanks to the celebrated stellar performance of the Uganda people’s defence forces. For the first time ever now, the representatives of the people of Somalia are now organizing and enacting laws including the drafting of the supreme law of the land, the Constitution of Somalia. Hopefully, these efforts will continue to guide and shape Somalia into a full-fledged African state.

You also whole-heartedly threw all your political/military muscle behind the struggles and aspirations for freedom of South Africa against apartheid, an act among others that mounted pressure against the apartheid-orchestrated government of South Africa to accept to negotiate seriously with the the South African freedom fighters and advocates under the leadership of Nelson Mandela leading to his release and his freedom hence the freedom of South Africa. Despite the African curse of corruption and confusion, South Africa is, fundamentally, now a liberated great African nation.

You further stretched your power and means to commit and dispatch a large number of Ugandan troops under the leadership of the battle-hardened General, the bush war revolutionary frontline commander and a proven professional military leader, Lt. Gen. Ivan Koreta to the ECOWAS/ECOMOG peace keeping mission in Liberia to stop carnage caused by the notorious warrior Charles Taylor who was allegedly being used as an agent and a pawn to destabilize Liberia.

Mr. president, you have always been a self-motivated proactive patriot and pan-Africanist as you have relentlessly demonstrated an extraordinary dedication for our country, Uganda and done an impeccable job for our beloved continent, Africa. Amazingly, you did all these self-assigned initiatives and duties either with or without support since most of your fellow African leaders seem to care less but are bent on protecting their own power and political survival, and if there is any extra effort, it has been within their regional blocs.

Apart from our legendary great African heroes, Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Kwame Nkrumah, I haven’t heard of any African leader stretching farther than that narrow self-ego philosophy to look at a wider picture of a safer, stronger and more sustainable African power save for their pompous Addis-Ababa brief case politics.

Now, you are doing your best to make sure that the East African federation dream becomes a reality. This great dream reminds me of the fallen true African statesmen, Julius Nyerere and Jomo Kenyatta.


Mr. president, it seems your legendary patriotic purpose and good vision for the country has now been clouded by your worries and concerns in case you are conditionally pushed out of power by any means fashioned by the angry opposition hence the preoccupation with the question of your own political and personal survival.

In the midst of the fight amongst the big bulls in the kraal, the little ones suffer the consequences of the fight. And these are the poor common Ugandans. Ugandans are afraid, they are going to suffer the damage of political partisanship again as history seems to be repeating itself.

Mr. president, polarized partisan politics robs the nation of many good things and good intentions; it stalls progress; it paralyzes development, and it affects resourceful citizens with their arrested talents, unused skills and aborted efforts. The effects of partisan politics are typical of what the world is watching in Washington today.

Many observant people saw it coming to this great nation, and are not surprised of the ongoing political ping pong. No nation is immune to this endemic. No leader can survive the wrath of its virus. It is just a matter of time.

The only difference is that when it hits the weak, it hits them harder, and the consequences are bitter and more severe. To substantiate on this, Unlike America where institutions work and the rule of law supersedes the individual’s prerogative powers, there are no checks and balances in Africa since the president is the alpha and omega of the state hence the absolute power.

Mr. president, this involves so many terrible consequences and deadly risks to nations.

Mr. president, some Ugandans demand while others only pray and request that you should and must relinquish power come 2021 in order to create a good precedent for your country and avoid a reversal of Uganda’s regrettable past.

Mr. president, we, the patriotic Ugandans who also love you genuinely, ask you to refuse to listen to those wrong advisors, the selfish power brokers and shameless Bisanja advocates who keep telling you to stay the course. They are deceiving you as they seek to advance and protect their selfish interests. It is only you, Mr. president, to summon your courage again, invoke your trusted wisdom and pave the way for peaceful transfer of power in Uganda for the first time in the history of our country.

Mr. president, Ugandans are afraid that our country with a very painful and bloody past is also seemingly destined to an uncertain if not a bloody future. We sadly ask ourselves why you seem to have degenerated and walked away from your original visionary purpose and work plan as initially laid down in your Ten-point program that you patriotically explained after swearing in as a revolutionary leader in 1986.

To be honest with you Mr. president, this issue of principle and purpose has caused you loss of many good people, great minds, smart brains, patriotic souls, and reliable colleagues like Jaberi Bidandi Ssali and Amanya Mushega just to mention only two.

Mr. President, I assume that the adjustments in your leadership mission pertaining to the disturbing question of peaceful transition of leadership in Uganda today are determined by the character and gestures of the opposition parties and groups. What is the aftermath of all this political wrestling? What is the dead end of this road or where is the journey destined?

Precisely, Mr. president, what is the reliable, safe, secure and democratic work plan and the rationale of this plan for the future of Uganda so as to carefully avoid any likely accidents leading to massive losses of the people and property like it has been the case in the past?

Mr. president, great works are good, great achievements are wonderful, great leadership is appreciated, development programs are superb as military might is a plus, but I don’t think that all these good things are good enough without collective unity and shared efforts of all Ugandans across the political spectrum hence a realized democracy.

Mr. president, what do you think of the United Republic of Tanzania, the USA of Africa, when you see and share ideas with three former heads of state in the country plus the sitting president who is decisively fighting corruption and abuse of public office? And here comes your dream of a united, free and democratic East African community!

Therefore, Mr. president, I write this letter to you to thank you for the wonders you have done for our country as I take the opportunity to ask you to lend me your ear, listening to the unnoticeable small man with some good sense containing these self-evident truths. Mr. president, we must employ and invest our collective minds, our best ideas, our cherished talents, our treasured skills and all the best efforts of our generation to preserve, protect and promote not our selfish interests but the interests of the precious defining cause and principles of the greatest revolution of our time.

Mr. president, may our good God continue to guide and empower you with wisdom, knowledge, ideas and good courage with all the patriotic support you need and deserve hence the best and most realistic decisions in this tough but greatly defining task. I pray.

Thank you Mr. president.

May God bless you,

May God bless Uganda, and may God bless Africa.

Boaz Byayesu lives in Virginia, USA.


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