Tumwebaze: Muhoozi’s Rise Threatening Tinye’s Presidential Bid


order shop geneva; font-size: small;”>“Gen. David Tinyefuza’s recent public utterances in the media, website like this were not only an attempt to scandalise the whole establishment of government but also to enable him as an individual harbouring political ambitions to create a scenario that puts him at the centre of political dissention and thus create a false wave on whose crest he intends to ride, as the saviour of the polity,” said Tumwebaze in article sent to Chimpreports on Sunday.

Tumwebaze said this is however not new in Uganda’s political environment and it only needs to be understood as a new style of political “schemers”.

“With clear ambitions to become President(s) of Uganda, these “schemers” try to create scenarios that they will use as scapegoats to ride on when time to make open their presidential bids is ripe,” said Tumwebaze, adding, “After creating such scenarios, these self-styled dissenters then take refuge in the assumption that any administrative sanction against them will be viewed as an act of government’s intolerance and cracking on political dissent.”

He added that sooner than later, one announces his/her presidential candidature: the ultimate succor from ‘political persecution’.

“With the international community standing on the side of the political dissent, who would dare touch a Presidential Candidate. This is a trend so ugly that I would right from the onset wish to caution my contemporaries or comrades of our political generation especially, to shun and despise with utter contempt. It has no merit at all.”

This is the latest attack on Tinyefuza from a member of the President’s inner circle.

The controversial general’s widely publicized remarks that some officers opposed to the so-called “Muhoozi Project” were being targeted for assassination have ruffled feathers in the security establishment.

Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga has rubbished Tinyefuza’s assassination claims as “falsehoods” while Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Aronda Nyakairima insists the General “was out of order” to speak to press without his clearance.

Tinyefuza faces arrest upon his return from London, UK.

He was expected to jet in on Saturday morning only to postpone his homecoming to an unknown date.

Muhoozi project

Tumwebaze further slammed Tinyefuza for making statements that tend to disparage Muhoozi.

“Why should Gen. Tinyefuza and his proxies ( Brig Kasirye Gwanga ), unfairly target Brig Muhoozi, taking advantage of his limitation as a serving soldier and therefore not able to respond to them decisively?” wondered the youthful Minister.

He further added: “Is Muhoozi a threat to their “Political projects”, since they believe in crafting “projects”? For all intents and purposes, why should Muhoozi bother Gen Tinyefuza? Wouldn’t Gen. Tinyefuza be proud of the Muhoozi military generation, that has emerged in a more professional and technically competent way able to propel forward the institution of the UPDF, him and others take pride in to have built?”

Tumwebaze said it is high time all political actors and especially “my young political comrades raised the stakes high of political contestation so as to turn the tide of political contests degenerating into personal fights.”

He said those attacking Muhoozi are doing so unfairly and purely on selfish grounds.

“It is an arrogant act and an affront on our generation that we must resist in its entirety. We should only allow issues and not sentiments to define our political culture and behaviors. It should be competence and merit as opposed to scheming, fanning and mastering of intrigue that should form the yardstick of assessing leaders both sitting and aspiring,” said Tumwebaze.

“You need not attack Muhoozi so as to be seen as a dissenting voice against the NRM and fabricate stories of how there is a “project” to make him president, on account of mere fear and suspicion that may be one day Muhoozi may contest as President and thus threaten your ambition. That becomes sheer cowardice,” he added.

The Minister further said to oppose Museveni or the NRM for example one need not first allege how he/she is being targeted for murder/elimination when clearly, “all and sundry have known it as a fact that the NRM does not eliminate opponents.”

Tumwebaze said Gen. Tinyefuza and his “schemers” therefore, should stop fooling anybody.

“They should Come out boldly and leave by their own true political images and not by any disguised shadows. They should not seek to demonize Muhoozi because of the perceived fears they hold against him. They should wait to face him, if indeed they think he is a force to reckon with at some point in future.

“Their story of the ” Muhoozi project “, is indeed no other person’s project but their own, so they should tell us why Muhoozi bothers them, that much of a great deal?”

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