Tinye Yet To Arrive


for sale geneva;”>Sejusa, cialis 40mg who has been in UK since April 30, viagra order was expected to jet in at 8:00am on Saturday but by mid-day when we posted this story; the embattled General was nowhere to be seen.

Chimp Corp Michael Nteza says Entebbe International Airport is under heavy security.

Journalists have been barred from accessing the airport with their gadgets.

Scores of heavily-armed anti-riot Police personnel and military police have been deployed at the airport and along the Entebbe-Kampala highway.

The UPDF on Friday evening urged the controversial General not to “develop cold feet” by fearing arrest upon his return to Uganda.

This followed reports that Sejusa had decided to “postpone” his return to an unknown date to avoid what has been termed as being “arrested like a cockroach.”


Speaking to Chimpreports on Friday evening, army spokesman Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said “Generals don’t fear fire but face it.”

He added: “Gen Tinyefuza should not fear to return. Only a coward can do such a thing. He should come back. If he has a case to answer then he should but if there is none he can continue with his work.”

Asked why the army was deploying heavily armed personnel in Entebbe ahead of Tinyefuza’s return from United Kingdom where he has been holed up since April 30, Ankunda noted:

“Is deployment a crime? General don’t fear. They stand before fire and face it if he is following his conscious and heart, why should he develop cold feet?” wondered Ankunda.

The controversial general’s widely publicized remarks that some officers opposed to the so-called “Muhoozi Project” were being targeted for assassination have ruffled feathers in the security establishment.

Defence Minister Crispus Kiyonga has rubbished Tinyefuza’s assignation claims as “falsehoods” while Chief of Defence Forces (CDF) Gen Aronda Nyakairima insists the General “was out of order.”

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda told Chimpreports on Friday that the army is “closely monitoring the situation.”

He added: “We expect Gen Tinyefuza to return on Saturday. I am not sure whether he has changed his plan.”

It has emerged several supporters of the controversial General were expected to line up along Entebbe Road to welcome him from London.

Security officials say the Commander-in-chief, Gen Yoweri Museveni has already given a green light to the military Police to arrest Tinyefuza.

The situation is so puzzling, considering the arrest of Tinyefuza at the Airport would popularize his brand, galvanise his support and also cultivate a ground for the launch of his presidential bid.

It remains to be seen if Tinyefuza will be allowed to address press.

The General reportedly possesses a document critical of government which he intends to read before press as soon as he jets in.


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