Ugandan Asians Petition Museveni Over URA Delays


salve geneva; font-size: small;”>He said the country needs investments to spur its economic development by creating jobs through value addition.

The President was early this week ameeting Ugandan Asians in the United Kingdom who want to invest in a milling facility in Northern Uganda.

The Ugandan Asians Nagrecha Vinubhai, Nagrecha Harshukhbhai and Ashwin Chandrani who were introduced to President Museveni by a Ugandan businessman based in the United Kingdom Willy Muteza have petitioned President Yoweri Museveni over delays by the Uganda Revenue Authority to issue them a tin number for their business before they can pursue their planned investment in Gulu in Northern Uganda.

The Asians left Uganda during the Amin’s expulsion and have since worked hard to accumulate a lot of wealth which include one of London’s popular cash and Carry businesses in East London.

Through their company Nagrecha Ltd, they want to establish a milling plant in Gulu district to process maize and produce maize products including animal feeds for the region and neighbouring South Sudan market.

With the facilitation by Mr. Mutenza the investors have already secured an investment license and land and are committed to investing in a modern maize mill plant worth $3-$6million in Gulu.

They have, however, waited over a year to acquire the Tax Identification Number (TIN) for their business from the URA before they commerce business.

The President directed the URA commissioner General Allen Kagina to follow up the matter.


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