EU Diplomat Tips Museveni On Governance, Corruption

decease geneva; font-size: small;”>EU publicist Simon Kasyate said it is unprecedented for the head of state to attend a national day celebration reception at an Ambassador’s residence.

viagra buy geneva; font-size: small;”>“This gesture goes further to illustrate the high regard the government and people of Uganda hold the European Union and vice versa, information pills ” said Kasyate.

During the function, Ridolfi said governance is not only a critical sector in its own right but also the keyhole sector through which other advances are made possible.

On his part, Museveni responded: “We should learn to prioritize matters of our co-operation. Yes, environment, governance and all those issues are important but we should now focus on infrastructure development. That is what will unleash all the other factors through development.”

Ridolfi had earlier warned that people-led movements in North Africa and the Middle East give an indication that people demand more equity, more freedom and more opportunity.

“Countries that deny, or are not able to provide these things to their citizens, are increasingly difficult to manage, and ultimately unstable. In the EU we have currently a big youth unemployment problem,” cautioned Ridolfi.

Uganda last year witnessed a wave of opposition-led protests over the rising cost of living and unemployment.

Ridolfi further noted the development of Trans-African Networks is vital for Uganda, the East African Community and for Africa.

“The EU will use grants to attract, leverage and multiply investment, blending with loans from public and private investors,” said the Ambassador.

He, however, added: “Mr President, you know well, even at zero interest, loans must be paid back by future generations entirely legitimate as long value for money is achieved.”

“Transparent, open and fair procurement procedures are the only way to ensure not just value for money, but legitimacy in the eyes of investors and partners, new and old. I have a personal powerful experience in the former communist countries in Europe.”

The envoy observed that there is no sector more important to Uganda’s economic development its ‘green gold’ an eternal and sustainable resource, when linked to a network of related industries.

Ridolfi added the EU wants to pilot with Uganda an Agriculture and Agribusiness Equity Fund, using public sector funds to leverage private sector investment.

“Through the above sectors, the EU can be Uganda’s eminent partner in private sector development, supporting our position as (by far) Uganda’s biggest trading partner. For this we intend to create a Uganda – EU Chamber of Commerce a joint venture of mutual interest,” said Ridolfi.

The Ambassador used the platform to appeal to Museveni to take more far-reaching steps to put an end to corruption cancer that has eaten away the society’s moral fabric.

“I personally appreciate your clear words of commitment on good governance. Strong action is needed. The poor are the principal victims of these inefficient, unjust or corrupt practices,” said Ridolfi, adding, “Reform is thus a moral imperative, as well as a political and economic necessity.”

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