Huye Stadium Construction To Be Complete By March 2014


cheapest geneva;”>Vice-Mayor in charge of Economic Affairs, Huye district, Mr. Cyprien Mutwarasibo, said, the stadium which was supposed to be complete by May 2013 will not because the construction activities are moving slowly as unanticipated.

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“The agreements in the tender proposed to have a stadium this month, but still the activities are going slowly,” he declared.

The reasons behind this delay as Mutwarasibo cited on Friday as he addressed journalists, is the rainy season that has stayed for long as unexpected.

Mutwarasibo noted that Exert Engineering Ltd that is in charge of the construction, had to stop for some time due to genocide commemoration week, and it delayed for two weeks.

However, the engineering company also revealed the stadium’s roof design was not well designed, and wanted to change it thus leading to the delay in construction.

Due to these hindrances, the district first postponed the finishing of activities to August this year, but later revealed that activities will not yet be finished and decided to postpone it again to March next year.

According to Exert engineering Ltd engineers, the added period may be sufficient; however, all this depends on how they will be working with their client (The district).

“We hope within the nine added months, we shall have finalized the activities and hand over the stadium to the district. But this depends on many things, how long the rainy season will last and when the payment is made at time. Then, we shall finish our work within the set time,” said Grace Baguma, one of the site engineers.

On the strategies they have set to ensure that the stadium is complete by March 2014, Bagumas said: “There are many ways to kill a rat, we shall pump the water to continue our work, and do everything to make sure the work is done on time.”

Huye stadium is being constructed by Huye district in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and Culture.

Exert engineering Ltd is in charge of construction, whereas Real constructors Ltd is the winner of tender, and Ngando Ltd is in charge of consultancy.

Once finished, it will be receiving 12,500 people, and have a place for basketball, handball and volleyball.


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