Ugandan Investors Urged To Invest In Mauritius


drugs geneva;”>While addressing a conference between the Ugandan private investors and their counterparts in Mauritius at Sheraton hotel on Friday, online John Musajjakawa, ambulance Senior Investment Executive at the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) noted that Uganda business men would gain a lot from the opportunities in Mauritius.

“Ugandans have a lot to offer to the people of Mauritius such as knowledge, services and goods. I also urge the Ugandan graduates to go to Mauritius because their ICT industry is good,” noted Musajjakawa.

The Director of the Emerging Sectors and Markets in Mauritius, Nitin Pandea assured the investors that the economy of Mauritius is one of the fastest growing in the world.

“Ugandan investors should come and invest in the 19th and first growing economies in the world and Africa respectively,” noted Pandea.

He assured the investors of the ICT, education, agriculture, manufacturing and other sectors available in Mauritius.

Pandea further noted that Ugandan investors should partner with their counterparts from Mauritius for assistance in terms of capital. He added that the strategic location of their country also boosts trade and connection with all continents.


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