Tinye’s Assassination Claims Send Army Over The Edge

web geneva; color: #222222;”>In a statement to Parliament on Thursday, this site Kiyonga downplayed the allegations, saying “There is no such plan that we are aware of to assassinate certain people.”

“I would like to assure this August House and the country at large that there has not been and there will never be such criminal acts of senior members of Government and the army conspiring to frame their colleagues or indeed anyone in the population,” said Kiyonga.

“The UPDF and the NRM have clear track record. Such underhand and criminal methods have never been the way these institutions work.”

Tinyefuza recently told the media of a plan to frame certain senior officers of Government and the army in order to make it appear that these officers had committed serious and capital offences.

Kiyonga admitted this information had no doubt “caused concern across the breadth of our population.”

“The reports in the press are attributed to Gen. David Sejusa. Gen. Sejusa is a four-star General, a historical member of the UPDF and an honorable member of this House,” added Kiyonga, “He knows only too well the laws of the country and the law that governs the force in which he continues to serve. It is therefore unfortunate that he should make such serious and false allegations in the manner he has done.”

He further stated that UPDF and the NRM have “clear track record,” adding, “Such underhand and criminal methods have never been the way these institutions work.”

Several MPs expressed concern that the infighting and power struggles in the army were cultivating ground for a coup.

But Kiyonga said “The army is cohesive, united and under effective command and control.”

He further noted the population and the leaders should remain assured that the country is safe and stable.

“Within the context of the constitution and the laws that govern this country, the President and Commander-in-Chief is taking appropriate measures to respond to the acts of indiscipline that have been portrayed to the population through the press and other means,” added Kiyonga.

“I wish to request that Parliament notes this statement and gives time to the Commander-in-Chief to take appropriate steps in line with the law. And in order not to further alarm the population, I request that this statement shouldn’t be debated,” said Kiyonga.


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