KCC Players Demand For More Bonuses


purchase geneva;”>The Lugogo side was given 15m winning token by Lawrence Mulindwa the Federation of Uganda Football Association’s President.

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The players expected to be given the entire amount to be shared among but this was never to pass. They only got match winning bonuses equivalent to sh 20000/= per player which they unconvincingly pocketed with hopes of getting more money later on.

However, insides confessed to chimpreports on how the championship winning team is plotting to take the case to the office of the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago who is the chief patron of the Kampala City Capital Authority bankrolled club.

Players (names with-held) are grieving on how a personal contribution from the FA President can to players can be taken and entered into the club books of accounts yet the club has this season been ran on an almost Sh 2 Billion budget as an institution of KCCA.

Earlier on, KCCA had agreed to pay 20m to all players as bonus after winning the FUFA super league 2012/2013.


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